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Strict Quality Control

From design and manufacture to providing to customer, strict quality control has been fulfilled to all generator sets:

1. Generator sets’ design, manufacture and testing totally comply with international standard ISO8528.
2. Original brand engine, beyond global technology, reliable function and long lifetime.
3. Excitation system can make frequency fluctuation return promptly at random instantaneous load.
4. Design principle can make it less waveform distortion under the nonlinear load and excellent starting up capacity.
5. We Victory Power and Parts suppliers can guarantee and warrant quality of all the products.
6. Through worldwide professional service network, we provides 7*24 hour constant after sale service and spare parts supply.

Professional Technology Team Work

Enterprise’s impression and culture are certified by our employees’ attitude to the work.

Victory Power insists on human resources development as the key factor to engage in the business in the future.

Respect and help our employees to realize their personal value.

We have formed cooperation and development culture atmosphere combining employees and enterprise in the path of our progress for many years.

"Combine the employees by the career, encourage the employees by the spirit,"

"Stay with our employees by the glamorous development foreground."

Sufficiently digging our employees potential.

Hard work, responsibility, energetic spirit attitude to serve the customers; Victory Power unites the elites who are professional, creativity, and exploiting to make efforts for our common purpose.

This is why Victory Power can continuously develop and grow bigger and bigger.

Our Vision

To supply highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly power solutions by fully emphasizing on the R&D and the large scales of productions in the field of power equipment.


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