NEWS Amazing Generator Mounts – Trailer-Mounted Generator

Amazing Generator Mounts – Trailer-Mounted Generator

Dec 12, 2020

Few of the best Mounts that you may have not Known - Trailer-Mounted Generator


As we all knows that buying a Trailer-Mounted Generator can be very challenging. After purchasing there are still many things that you need to look into. Few people think that you after buying trailer we have done with everything but they are mistaken. You still have to buy a generator as well as Trailer-Mounted Generator for landing onto the road.

Trailer-Mounted Generator usage has been growing really faster among Australia. It plays an important role in giving you freedom & flexibility. We can manage to buy a generator but moving it is one of the most difficult tasks that you have to come across. Here Trailer-Mounted Generator plays an important role, you don’t need to do any effort and can keep going effortlessly from one place to another anytime anywhere. Trailer-Mounted Generator comes up with huge benefits; you can even store it in case of no use.

Generator is one of the important parts of travel trailer. It plays an important role in powering all the appliances. Yes this is the one that makes your life easier even in the trailer. Few of the generators that you bought can be bulky and if you are one those who have bought RV which has not been equipped by compartments for keeping generator then you are at the right place. In this condition you start looking for ways of installation. In today’s Article we are going to explain amazing Mounts for you to choose from. We will explain everything briefly that will help you to find the Best Generator Mount for Your Travel Trailer. Continue to read below and read about the world’s most popular option.

Frame Carrier Mount

Trailer-Mounted Generator

Frame Carrier Mount is one of the best and our first preference for keeping generator behind RV or trailer. You have to keep it above the propane tasks. Few people want to keep their generator on the front of the trailer but this is not a secure way, keeping it behind the trailer is far more secure. Using this strategy plays an important role in keeping the trailer in balance and also becomes the reason of smoother driving. This mount has a capability to bear the weight of almost three hundred pounds. It can even bear heavy duty generators also. We give our first preference to this mount because its installation is very reliable. Sometimes it comes up with that makes installation easier. Secondly such types of kit don’t put more stress on RV so don’t you worry about un balancing weight.

Such types of mounts even have a capability for adjustments for balanced weight distribution. As we all know if you succeeded in balancing weight then you can give a comfortable ride to your loved ones.

But here we are going to explain one downside of this mount. If the propane tank size is much bigger than average then bigger size can create trouble for you. In such condition you have to find another spot for storing generator. If you choose this strategy for storing generator then we must tell you that your access to propane tank will be blocked. So in order to fill gas every time, you have to remove the tank and then you can refill. If you did not like this option then continue to read below and choose another option.

Heavy Duty Generator Cargo Kit

Trailer-Mounted Generator

Another good way to mount generator is by using a heavy duty generator cargo kit. It is especially designed in such a way that you can connect the mount via trailer bumper and can store generator on tray. It is reliable and easier to store as compared to above option but here comes its one downside. After storing generator you have to chain or cable it for security reasons.

Such types of cargo trays are very strong and have a capability to store 400 lb feet of cargo. With this tray you can buy more trays and arms for increasing its security. If still you are not satisfied with this one then you can choose the below option.

Hitch Carrier Mount

Trailer-Mounted Generator

Hitch Carrier Mount is also one of the great options. This option is for those who want to attach the generator directly. We personally experienced it and found it most reliable option. If you choose this option then you have to mount large platform to rear square bumper that has been equipped on the back of trailer. Though this option is good as we all knows that bumper don’t have capability to bear larger weight. So this option is very risky, incase if your generator weight is more then there are 90 percent chances of bumper breakage. So before choosing this option we will recommend you strongly to first consult an expert and ask about your generator. If its high then doesn’t take the risk of loading it otherwise you have to pay a huge amount for bumper repairing.

If still you are satisfied by its look then we recommend you to choose little safety precautionary measure which will increase the security. Make sure to buy safety struts this will help in bearing the weight and bumper can easily carry it.

Frame Connected Hitch Platform

Frame Connected Hitch Platform is another option to try. Such types of frames can be attached via rear end of trailer. If you compare this option with the above one then you will get to know that this option is better than above one. In above option there were 90 percent chances of bumper breakage while this option easily has capability to bear heavy loads and will not break or damage your trailer. But here comes its one downside which is that it is difficult to install. Its installation is time consuming and required more effort but after installation you can take advantage from it for long.

Here it has another downside, incase if you are driving on mountains and you got to face a huge incline then there is possibility of damage to your trailer. So if you choose this option then we recommend you highly to not take your trailer on mountains.  In order to avoid this issue we recommend you to buy carrier that has an angled shank. Buying it will play an important role in going trailer up the steeper hills.

Mounted Storage Box


Mounted Storage Box is another option; it can carry more weight as compared to all above options. You will not believe but they are designed in such a way that they can handle weight up to five hundred pounds. But you have to fasten your generator securely then you will not face any problem. For fastening up you can make use of chains. Its installation is also very simple, whether you install it on the front or back does not matter. By choosing this option you will have freedom to choose the place that you feel will be comfortable for you. Well if you succeed in buying this mount soon you will be on road with a securely fasten generator with trailer.

Bottom Line

The short conclusion of this Article is that we mention few amazing mounts that will help you to store generator with trailer for traveling. But if you are one of those who cannot do above efforts then we recommend you to buy a Trailer-Mounted Generator. If you buy it you did not have to do any effort and it will save your time also. You can move it from one place to another anytime. If you want to know the best place to buy Trailer-Mounted Generator then continue to read below.

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Hope you like this article, what you think which type trailer mount is suitable for your need? Have you bought any generator yet? If yes then which type of generator you have, diesel or gas type. Do you love traveling? Which type of Trailer-Mounted Generator you wish to buy? Let us know, we will make it easier for you in making decisions.




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