NEWS Automatic Transfer Switch Principles & Making

Automatic Transfer Switch Principles & Making

Dec 06, 2020

Automatic Transfer Switch – Know it’s Working & Making

In today’s Article we are going to explain briefly about the main principles of Automatic transfer switch. This guide wills definitely going to help you in understanding more about Automatic transfer switch circuit. First of all we are going to put shed to its main definition so that you can have an idea what exactly Automatic transfer switch is?

ATS is a device which plays an important role in rerouting power in special conditions. Here we are going to give an example for better understanding, as we all knows that during a natural catastrophe hospitals have to face power outages in such circumstances the staff did not have to get up or raise a finger in order to start it. Automatic transfer switch automatically start backup generator when it sense that electricity has come off. You did not have to do a single effort.

In short we will say that ATS means the transfer of uninterrupted power to the main circuit. We can explain continuous power in terms of different situation. Well! In a home or institute continuous power means short interruption of power is bearable.

For example, if we have installed a backup generator in our homes then in case of no power there will be a bit time delay in order to start up the generator. But in a hospital no power even almost for a few seconds can be the reason of catastrophic.

Automatic transfer switch

Difference b/w Automatic & Manual Switch

Now a days in order to transfer load between two different sources of electrical current switches has been installed. Few of them are manual switches, such type of switches can only be activated when user flip it. But this is not the case with ATS; this type of switch performs the same function automatically on sensing the low level of power.

Automatic Starting Control Principles

When generator relies on the voltage ATS can control it especially when power had to supply to building. ATS has to transfer the load to backup generator. Here we are going to give few examples for better understanding.

For example if the building power has been outage Automatic Transfer Switch automatically startup the generator. This switch plays an important role in starting generator itself to supply power to main building.

Another thing that ATS benefited us when generator is ready to perform this switch automatically puts the power to load.

3rd thing that ATS do by sending instructions to generator for shutting it down when power is regain.

In this era, engineers are manufacturing transfer switches in such a way that besides transferring power automatically, these switches also plays an important role in protecting generators from overheating. Another plus point of installing these switches is that generator and main system (that distribute power to whole building) will remain separate.

Such switches are very reliable and come in handy in order to keep safe generators, controllers from over loading.

Engineer’s implements soft loading method which plays an important role in transferring load to synchronized generator, this method is responsible for minimizing voltage loss when load it transferring to generator.

Making of Circuit Board via Automatic Transfer Switch

As we all knows that electrical engineers have years of experience in order to design such circuit boards. We will not recommend a common man to try out such things without special training and qualification it would be better for you not to attempt such activities.

But if you are one of those who have a bit experience about such things that you can continue to read below and can make a circuit board with ATS at home by following below steps.

Here we are going to list down little equipment that is the main need of this process. First of all you have to manage   automatic transfer switch itself, a circuit board, an AC meter, circuit breakers, busbars, DIN rails. You also have to arrange LED lights and soldering equipment. We are again warning you that follow these steps only if you have safety precautionary measures. These protections will save you from current.

Guideline to make Circuit Board with ATS

Here is a general steps that will help you in making a Circuit board with ATS.

Step 1: The very first thing you have to do is to install a DIN rail to mount circuit breakers in a container. This will be like an enclosure to ATS.

DIN rails are used to make electronics for industrial equipment’s for example circuit boards & wires.

Step 2: Now you have to tight it in such a way that a cable can pass by this container. After doing this you have to install the neutral and ground busbars.


The importance of busbars is that they have been utilized as breakers, metallic strips, they plays an important role in distributing current itself in a right way. An experienced person or the person who is taking trainings must have an idea about the importance of these breakers.  


Safety Note: we will strongly recommend you to use an insulation material for keeping potential zero b/w neutral and busbars.


Step 3: In the 3rd step you have to attach busbars with installation. In order to prevent voltage drop we recommend you to utilize a stranded wire b/w the breaker.

Step 4: This step is optional if you want to be notified that the breaker has been closed or not then use LED indicators b/w breakers and incoming power supplies.

Step 5: In the 5th step we will recommend you to add ATS itself and AC meter to installation. Also make sure to use the transformer around the output of ATS.


AC meter importance: AC meter plays an important role in detecting the voltage used by installation. We will strongly recommend you to keep it tight in order to reduce the chances of voltage leakage.


Step 6: In the last step we will recommend you to test the setup before implementing. If you got to see an excess heat from the resistors or your circuit is overheating then we will recommend you to fix this issue by altering resistance. You can also use more safety precautionary measures like you can change the set-up of circuit breaker.

Functioning of Automatic Transfer Switch via Multiple Generators

You will not believe but yes ATS also plays an important role in starting multiple generators. You can implement this setup for those generators that are bit far from one place to another. ATS setup can be utilized for different building & variety of architectural designs.

A controller has been installed with ATS which ensures transfer of power effectively b/w source and generator.

We will recommend you to test it properly and distribute the power accordingly. You will not believe but even milliseconds without electricity, purpose of different building designs can be spoil.

Importance of Motor Starter Role in ATS

The main purpose of Motor starter in ATS is that it is responsible for inrush current. Inrush current main definition is that the amount of current utilize by circuit to energize AC powered device.

Home Made ATS Circuit

People use these trick in order to tackle emergency situation via this method. They plays an important role in testing whether the load transferring properly or not. ATS designs can be vary from circuit to circuit. Two circuit breaker works altogether in order to ensure switch flips without voltage or power waste.

ATS plays an important role in flipping the switch and when power is regain it automatically shuts down the backup generator and navigate cool down process in order to prevent overheating.

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