NEWS Benefits of Parallel Control Panel in Generators

Benefits of Parallel Control Panel in Generators

Dec 02, 2020

Explanation about Parallel Control Panel and Automatic/Manual Panel


In today’s Article we will explain about the Benefits of Parallel Control Panels in Generators but before shedding into it, we want to let you know about the definition of Manual/Automatic or Parallel Control Panel. So that you can easily understand these control panels. Continue to read below and know about them.


parallel control panel


Manual control panel


In panels a digital controller has been installed which plays an important role in showing all the parameters of diesel generator. The main function of this controller is to protect the generator and fuel in case of any emergency. This type of panel has automatic switch which manually disconnect the power of generator in order to protect the generator upon overload.


Automatic Control Panel


Main functions of control panels are to manage and control the functions of generators. Change over boards is usually installed on emergency generators. When power failure occur generator automatically turns on itself and enters into the circuit upon required frequency.

When current start to flow automatic control of city connect itself automatically with the city. It further automatically sends the ignition command to diesel generator.


Parallel control panel Advantages

This type of switch boards has a capability of connecting two or more sources of power generation. Here is 90 percent possibility of dividing load among generators in order to increase the flexibility. This type of switch boards permits to utilize a soft transfer.

As we all knows that now nothing is possible without electricity, every field relies on power. Especially backup systems like generators playing an important role in supplying uninterrupted power. It is very important to select the generator according to your power needs. As we know it is difficult to find the generator that matches application requirement exactly. But in such situations parallel generators can help you.

As we know there are two types of connection parallel and series, let’s read about them in deeply.


Series Connection:


This connection comes into existence by cascading the impedance together. In this circuit voltage is divided and current flowing from every component remains same.


Parallel Connection:


In this connection voltage remains constant and currents gets divided.

Well! In electrical system, a constant voltage is required in order to run power system effectively. Here we are going to give you an example that will help you in understanding why parallel connect is necessary for power system.

When in order to provide power to all household appliances then only one power system is providing power. So for this task it is important to have a protective device, it is only possible if you succeed in supplying rated voltage then device will be protected and you can do this only via parallel connection. Now let’s read about advantages of Parallel control panel in generators.

Continuity of supply

The very first and main advantage of Parallel control panel is that it is very reliable and easy for maintenance. When smaller generator units are being utilize then maintenance work becomes very easier.

Even it is also possible to schedule the maintenance of each unit, even the continuity of power will not be affected at all. If generator is not equipped by parallel control panel then you have to shut down the whole system for maintenance, doing this can affect the power demand.


Well! If the generator is equip by parallel control panel then it is higher efficient even if the load is 100% it still works efficiently.

For lower loads single unit is not economical but with smaller individual units it has been easier to add or switch off the generator units. Doing this will become the reason of maximum efficiency.

Expansion Strategy

Let’s assume that the power system capacity is five hundred megawatt. If you want to increase the capacity up to seven hundred megawatt in order to fulfill the future demands, it would be better for you to replace the smaller unit with a bigger one.

Yes it will be good if you buy small individual by adding it in parallel series in order to reduce the captal investment.


As we all knows that when the generator power is high its size automatically increases. In short we can says that more the power bigger the size. Managing a single large alternator can be difficult for you especially when it has a capacity of 1000 MVA.

So it would be better for you to utilize smaller units in parallel, doing this will not increases the size.


You can easily maximize the system power reliability by using parallel control panel. If any generator that is running by parallel connection got tripped it will not affect or interrupt the system power because other generators will share the load and continue to provide the power to main system.

But make sure that the other generators have not been overloaded; otherwise there may be chances of power interruptions. Here were few of the main advantages that you can have while using parallel control panel. Now we are going to explain little precautionary measure that you must have to follow if you are using a parallel control panel.



If you follow these precautionary measures while utilizing a parallel control panel then the system will be simply amazing.


Bottom Line


The main conclusion of this Article is that if you succeed in producing a well-designed system then you will be able to produce a reliable backup power & variable output.

When output power capacity of generators exceed the minimum requirement then parallel generators plays an important role in providing cost effective solution.

If you succeed in bringing synchronization in parallel generators then you will be able to have huge benefits.  By reading above mention advantages of parallel control panel we can surely say that parallel control panels are especially design to produce maximum output especially when the output demands peaks and provides low output on low demands. In short we will say that it is one of the most reliable systems and also increases the generator reliability.

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