NEWS Company News 75KVA Diesel Generating Set Exported to Bahamas

75KVA Diesel Generating Set Exported to Bahamas

Oct 21, 2019

75KVA Diesel Generating Set Exported to Bahamas


Recently, the client from Bahamas ordered a container of 75KVA diesel generator set. The machines were powered by Cummins Brand Engine, Victory Brand Brushless Alternator, and UK brand Deepsea controller.


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The Bahamas (west Indies) is one of the three islands, although it is considered the Caribbean island group, but not in the Caribbean, but in the north Atlantic outlets across the Florida. Although the Bahamas 3,000 reef, but can only live in 30, too, because many reefs or lack of fresh water or can't live. The Lord called the new island archipelago providence island, the island is not in the Bahamas, but it's the largest comprehensive conditions, development early, so that the federal capital, the Bahamas, on Nassau on the island.


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The generating sets will be used for those resorts, hotels, schools, hospitals and the tourism industry in Nassau. And Victory Power provides the long last power generators, and the reliable power supply to those facilities. The generator information as follows:


Diesel Generating Set Model V60C,

Standby Power 60KW/75KVA

Prime Power 54KW/67.5KVA,

Single phase, 3 wires including 2 pcs of positive wires and 1 pcs of negative wire

Cummins Diesel Engine Model 4BTA3.9-G2

Victory Single-phase Brushless Alternator

Deepsea DSE6020 Controller


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