NEWS Difference b/w Marathon alternator & Generator?

Difference b/w Marathon alternator & Generator?

Mar 31, 2021

Things to Know about Marathon alternator & Generator – Main Difference

In this article we are going to put shed over the main difference b/w Marathon alternator & Generator. This Article will explain you that how they are different from each other. There is lot of people who thinks that both are same but no. They are at mistake both are completely different from each other and both has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

We are going to explain the differences below but before start we want to put shed over the main definition of generators so many could understand the differences easily.

In short generator and b/w Marathon alternator are simple mechanical devices that play an important role in converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

If you want to know more about them then you can go through our previous Article, we have clearly and deeply explained about it in the starting Articles.

Difference b/w Marathon alternator & Generator

First of all we will explain about Marathon alternator, and then we will take you through generator.

Marathon alternator


Alternator plays an important role in converting mechanical energy into AC electrical energy. It is like a mechanical device.

Output Current

Marathon alternator always induces Alternating Current.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency then they are the best one.


In case of Output they are far better than generators. They have a capability to consume minimum resources and produce maximum power. This feature makes it more unique and amazing.

Energy Conservation

Best thing about Marathon alternator utilize required amount of energy and then conserves more energy.

Polarization after Installation

Another plus point of alternators are that they do not require polarization after installation. Is not it amazing? Absolutely it is. Go and grab yours today.

Magnetic field

Magnetic field rotates in the inner side of the stator of Marathon alternator.

Armature Movement

When it comes to armature of Marathon alternator then it is stationary.

Input Supply

Marathon alternator takes input supply from stator.


RPM full form is Rotation per minute. When it comes to Marathon alternator then it has wide range of RPM.

Voltage Generation

Alternators generate voltage only if it is required.


Well! Whenever we think about power outages then the very first thing that comes in every mind is generator or alternator and then their size matters a lot. The more power we need the size it have.

But when we do comparison of Marathon alternator with generator then we got to know that  alternator is smaller in size.

Brush Efficiency

Brush Efficiency of Marathon alternator is also simply amazing and last very longer.

Charging of a Dead Battery

Sorry, But if your battery has been dead then they will not charge it until you fix it.


Marathon alternator wide usage has been found into the automobile industry. They have been used as a charging system for the battery.

Now we are going to put shed over the differences of Generators, read both of them briefly and decide yourself that which one is better to try.



Generator is also a mechanical device but it plays an important role in turning mechanical energy into Alternating Current or Direct Current Electrical energy.

Output Current

Generator is responsible to generate Alternating current or Direct current.

Energy Efficiency

Here is the big difference b/w Marathon alternator and generator. When it comes to efficiency then generators comes up with lesser efficiency.


Another difference b/w Marathon alternator and generator is that generator comes up with lesser output as compared to alternator.

Energy Conservation

Generator makes use of all the energy and as a result generates a lesser amount of energy. So in case of energy conservation Marathon alternator is the best one.

Polarization after installation

Generator requires polarization after installation.

Magnetic Field

As we have already explained that in Marathon alternator magnetic field is rotating but when it comes to generator magnetic field is stationary or fixed.

Armature movement

When it comes to generator Armature then it rotates.

Input supply

When it comes to input supply then generator takes it from rotor.


When it comes to generator RPM then its range is very lesser.

Voltage generation

Generator is responsible to produce voltage all the time which is not good.


This difference makes the generator reputation bad. Yes generators always come up in larger size. If you are going to buy the generator for industrial purpose where more power is your requirement then its size will be definitely big and after buying you have to arrange an enough space for installation.

Brush Efficiency

If brush efficiency of generators is compared by Alternators then we get to know that generator brushes don’t last longer.

Charging Dead BATTRY

Here generator has win the place and has become the king of alternator because you can easily charge the dead battery with the help of generator but Alternator don’t allow to charge dead batteries.


Here again generators has win this place. Generator is perfect to utilize for areas where larger scale electricity is required whereas alternator are only good for smaller areas.

So these were the main differences of Alternators as well as generators. According to our analysis generator has its own benefits and Marathon alternator has its own. But if you are looking for backup power for larger scale areas then you should consider a generator but if your power needs are limited then we recommend you to buy Marathon alternator.

If you are a student then above mentioned comparison will definitely help you to get complete thorough along these topics because we have explained these differences in a depth.


The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared an amazing guide about difference b/w  alternator & Generator.

This Article covers up all the differences very deeply. If you are looking for high quality Marathon alternators then you should get in touch with Victory Power Reliable.

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