NEWS Few Issues while using Mobile Light Tower with Generator

Few Issues while using Mobile Light Tower with Generator

Dec 01, 2020

What is Light Tower?


In today’s Article we are going to put shed onto the problems that you can face if you use generator with mobile light tower. But before entering into this topic deeply first we want to let you know about the main definition of light Tower then we will explain briefly about the main topic.

Light Tower is for those who are looking for light in construction or work area. A Light Tower is amazing equipment which is used to lighten up the outdoor event. Mobile Light Tower main focus is to provide efficient lightening. It is composed of high intensity electric lamps & mast. Lamps lights are connected with mast that is further attached via trailer. A generator is attached with all this set in order to provide power to lamps.

Its usage has not only been seen in construction sites but it plays an important role in other appliances also. Our team has done a personal survey and they found out that Africans are utilizing light towers in order to lightening up the mines.


light tower


Mobile Light Tower Usage


They have been using light towers in the entertainment industry also, especially to lighten up the concerts. Its usage has been found in the cricket ground in order to lighten up the soccer and rugby pitches.

Mobile towers are very popular in this era because they can be customize easily by increasing or decreasing the illumination level, not only that their height is also adjustable so we can say that these are very user friendly and reliable to use.

They are also compatible with generators. As we all knows that every good combo comes up with pros and cons. In the same ways combo of generator with mobile light tower also comes up with few issues that you may have not known.

Today we are going to explain few problems that everyone can encounter while using generator with light tower. We are also going to introduce an amazing solution that will plays an important role in utilizing generator with light tower combo efficiently. Continue to read below with us and get to know about the problem and solution.


What Problems You can face While Using mobile Light Tower with Generator?


Heavy Weight & Mobility

The very first issue that you are going to encounter is weight and mobility. For using this combo, you have to transfer the both to the work area. As we all knows that mobile tower is easy to move because light weight but this is not the case with heavy generators. There is lot or generators available in the market that are designed with wheels but those generators are not suitable with light tower. A normal weight that generator have can be from thirty to eighty lbs. This is the reason that they are not easy to move or carry. In your construction area there can be a possibility of changing the position of light tower on daily basis so pulling generator on daily basis can create troubles for you.

How to deal with this?

Well the solution to this problem is to buy a heavy duty wheels generator that can easily bear the weight of generator and reliable to pull around on daily basis. Make sure that the center of mass must be on the lower side. Doing this will plays an important role in pulling around effortlessly.

Smoke/ Smell

People prefer to use diesel or petrol generator with light towers. They don’t prefer to use electric generator because of lower battery capacity they are not suitable to equip with light towers. But using diesel or petrol generator also comes up with drawback that it creates unbearable smoke with bad smell that can destroy your outdoor event. Because of it your ambiance will not be pleasant at all.

How to deal with this?

Such situation can be deal by using a fuel which produces a less smoke like petrol or natural gas. Another solution to deal such situation is to set 10 feet long exhaust pipe that can disperse fuel smell and smoke out of the event. In such a way you can create pleasant ambiance in your surroundings.


Re filling fuel can be another problem for you, as we all knows that gas generators tanks has a capability of handling 3 to 6 gallons. Upon low fuel you have to turn off the generator and refill it. Turning off the generator even for a short period can spoil the event fun especially if it’s a concert. In the same way, if mobile light tower has been equipped in match tournaments refilling fuel can create lot of troubles.

How to deal with this?

Well! The only solution to this problem is to choose the big generator tank, choose the one that must have a capability of handling 8 gallons of fuel. 8 gallons will be enough to handle a huge event. You can be relaxed for almost ten hours. If you manage to buy such generator then crowd will not face any disruption in the lightening.

Lamps Lifespan

The level of illumination of light towers relies on the kinds of bulbs. Mostly towers are equipped by Halogen, halide or LED flood lights. Each bulb has its own running life. Incase if they stop working during concert then you have to replace it immediately. So before attaching any lamp you have to first look for its life span, try to attach the one that have long life span otherwise your event will be ruined.

If you are using a older version of halide bulbs then they will stop working after 10,000 hours. Few people don’t take it serious and thinks that this is a huge figure. But they are mistaken; such bulb can stop running any time after year. Obviously nobody wants to turn off the bulbs during match. Without light situation can be very annoying.

Another problem is that generator in the start creates voltage peak that can damage lamps or bulbs. But you don’t have to worry about it; we are here to let you know amazing solutions about these issues.

How to deal with this?

Here is an amazing solution to deal both issues by utilizing LED flood lights. The lifespan of LED is unbelievable it can work continuously up to 50,000 hours even their newer versions has been equipped by over protection feature also. So if you utilize LED with light tower then high voltage will not damage the lights and their will no light disruption in the crowd.

Bottom Line

Well! Above were the main issues that you can encounter while using light towers with generator. But with solutions you can easily get out of these issues. These problems are not major, easily can be handle if you address these issues on time. After implementing above solutions you can easily create pleasant ambiance in your event. Above mentioned solutions are the only ways to use the combo of light tower and generator effectively.


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