NEWS Few Reason If Your Enclosed Generator Won’t Start

Few Reason If Your Enclosed Generator Won’t Start

Nov 16, 2020

What can be Reasons Behind if Enclosed Generator Won’t Start?

In today’s article, we will take you through top 10 reasons that won’t start the enclosed generator but before explaining reason we want to put some shed onto the main definition of enclosed generator so that you can have an idea what is enclosed generator in actual.

What is Enclosed Generator?

Enclosed generator is a type of generator which provides reliable power in case of power outages. It is a best alternative to deal emergency situation. It provides power by using Engine & Alternative end. It is composed of enclosure & sheet metal structure with sound deadening/ soundproofing foam. This is one the best type because of less emission and soundproof quality. They do not create noise, easily usable in homes. As we all know that continues noise can disturb the mental peace but this is not the case with this generator. Enclosed Generator is also equipped with weatherproof enclosures that are responsible for keeping the generator safe from seasonal changes. Now let’s have a look below to know about the reasons that can stop generator from running.


Diesel Engine

As we all know that pulling the generator out of the garage just to check why engine is not supposed to be working is one of the most annoying things. The best thing to start troubleshooting your generator is with common causes. Let’s start finding the causes of it.

Enclosed Generator with no Fuel

As we all knows that without fuel, generator is useless, it works as a bone for generator. Fuel and engine is the only things that play an important role in working of generator. Though it will seems obvious, but would be better if you have a look on the fuel tank whether your generator is full with fuel or not. If it’s empty then generator will not work. If you are using a gas generator then you must check out that whether your generator has enough amount of gas or not. If it has a small amount then generator will stop working.

Always make sure to use the fresh gasoline, if you are older gasoline then there might be possibility of damage to your generator.

If you are using a generator after longer period of time, then we will recommend you to first check the fuel tank if it has older gasoline then we will strongly recommend you to empty the fuel tank & carburetor. After emptying refill it with a new gas, doing this will increases the engine life and your generator will remain safe from wear and tear.

Enclosed Generator with no Oil

We think that oil is not really important for enclosed generator engine but we are totally at mistaken. It is as important as a fuel. If you will buy advance enclosed generator from us then we will provide you a high quality enclosed generator which will automatically shut itself upon low level of oil, fuel, etc. this automatic function keeps the engine alive for longer period and increase the generator durability.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should change your oil within 50 hours of usage if you will not do that and will keep your generator running on the older oil then your generator will start facing problems on regular intervals.

Modern generators comes up with dipstick if you want to check the level of oil then dip that stick into oil tank and check the level, if its low then refill it with oil. Dipstick is usually located inside the crankcase. Also use the oil which is suitable for your generator engine and recommended by manufacturer.

Enclosed Generator Battery Problem

If you are using a modern generator then your generator must be start up with push button or remote. There are many benefits of such generators but low battery can create startup issue. For example, if you have a car and if its battery has run out then you will be unable to start it.

This is the same case with household and industrial generator, but you can deal with this problem easily. First of all you have to check whether your generator has auxiliary recoil starter or not. If it has then you can easily charge the electric starter battery with the help of 12 volt DC outlet.

If it is not equipped with auxiliary coil then this can be an issue for you, you have to charge the battery first and then your generator will start to run.

There is another alternative also to deal with this problem, if you have jumper cables in your home. Then utilize it to jump-start you generator battery by using car battery.

Plugged Cables

If your generator is plugged-in with any other cables cords etc then generator will not startup. It would be better for your generator to start it without extensions.

Choke must be Correct

Choke is another thing that can be the main reason of generator startup issue. It plays an important role in controlling the air that pass via carburetor during startup. There are few things to look over, see if you are trying to start the generator but engine is not turning over then there might be a possibility of mixing too much air or very low air with fuel while combustion process.

There are few things if you follow then your generator will not face choke issues.

1: If your generator has not been working since hours then it would be better for you to close the choke. When the generator start warming up then you can slowly move the choke up.

2: Incase if you are running generator recently then you would be better to turn the choke halfway to fully open.

Replacement of Air Filter can Increases Engine Life

Well! If adjusting choke is not solving startup issue then there might be a possibility of air filter problem. Many times after long usage air filter’s filled with dust which restrict the air from reaching to carburetor for combustion process. If you clean out your filters on weekly basis then you will not face such startup issues.

You can easily inspect the air filters with your common eye. If they are dirty then replace them with new or you can also clean them from experts.

Spark Plug

Spark plug can also be one of the main reasons if engine won’t start. You can diagnose this issue by removing spark plug with a spark plug socket.

Now you have to inspect that spark plug if it has broken electrodes or have deposits that are not easy to clear out then we recommend you strongly to replace it with new one.

If you are in such a situation that you cannot manage to buy a new spark plug then we recommend you to clean out the deposits or adjust the electrode gap. Doing this will also resolve the problem for smaller period.

There’s another way to check the spark plug whether it’s working or not. If it is producing blue spark then it is working, if it is not producing then it has an issue.

Clogged Carburetor

Are you keeping away your generator for a longer period of time? If yes then we recommend you strongly to drain out the carburetor. If you will not do it then gasoline will creates huge clogs into the carburetor and restrict the new gasoline to pass through it.

Few people think that clogs do not affect the carburetor but they are totally at mistaken.

Tips to clean out the carburetor:

Tip: Make sure to put the fuel valve back on before generator startup.

Low Oil Sensor Error

In modern generators low oil sensors are designed to stop the generator automatically in case of low oil.  But if it malfunctions then your generator will not notify you in case of low oil and will keep running. This malfunction can damage your generator.

If you want to check whether oil sensor is responsible for startup issue or not simply unplug the wire that runs out engine crankcase.

If after disconnecting, generator is still working then sensor has been malfunctioned now.

Hope all of the above reasons will be helpful I troubleshooting generator startup issue. If you find them helpful then make sure to share it with others.

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