NEWS Few Things to Consider before Buying Mobile Generator

Few Things to Consider before Buying Mobile Generator

Dec 11, 2020

Few Tips before buying Mobile Generator

Mobile Generator should be plain & simple and it should be designed in such a way that it has capability of providing power to fulfill your requirements. Everyone’s requirements are different from person to person. Here we are going to give you an example that if you are working any construction job like making of big bridge refurbishment or road construction then a small Mobile Generator is not enough. Buy the larger model in order to fulfill your needs.

So it is one of the important facts to give a closer look in buying the perfect Mobile Generator that have a capability to fulfill your jobs requirement. If it is necessary then there are lots of genset manufacturer that can customize your generator according to your needs. For this you can rely on us, Victory Power Reliable is one the best company in providing genset according to your need. Our engineers manufacture and design gensets by keeping safety precautions and high quality features in mind.

Here we are going to explain you that will help you in having the world’s best Mobile Generator. You can explain these tips to the supplier and ask them to provide you with genset. If you succeed in buying such generator then you will have the best genset in town.

Few factors to consider before buying Mobile Generator


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Amount of Power Needed

Always make sure that the Mobile Generator you are going to buy must have a capability to provide higher output as well as rate. It should be designed in such a way that it handles your appliances without missing a beat. There is a big difference b/w rated output as well as maximum output. Rated output is the power that has been produced by generator on a continuous loop while maximum output is the power that has been produced by generator if only briefly.

In order to find out rated as well as maximum output the thing you have to do is to find out the combine wattage of all equipment. For every equipment the thing you must have to know both the power required to start the device as well the power requires to run the device. Now you have to add the running power of all equipment finally the sum will be referred as a rated output that will be the need for genset. And then in order to find out the maximum output you have to sum up the starting power of all tools.

Now for safety precautions you have to add 10 per cent buffer. Always keep in your mind that if you have selected a Mobile Generator that have not a capability of fulfilling your application needs then it will wear out within years. Because the Mobile Generator you choose is not the one that can fulfill your appliances needs.

Clean Power

Before buying a generator always make sure that the Mobile Generator has been manufactured by fulfilling 4 tier compliant generator regulations. The environmental protection agency has set latest round of regulations on the engine emission for making environment better. The entire manufacturer has to follow up these regulations in order to make environment pollution free. The emission produce by generator can be very harmful for health & environment. So always choose the genset that must that is fulfilling environmental protection agency standards.

Low noise

Yes! Low noise is another main factor to consider while buying a mobile generator. Yes now there are many states and areas that have strict noise control regulations. You have to make sure that the generator you have purchased has been fulfilling those regulations. Noise pollution can be very harmful for ears and can be the reason of depression, stress etc.  Industry standards for sound level has been set up to 70 db A the level above it will not accepted and you will cross the noise control regulation.

Well! A lot of generators are following these rules but it usually depends upon the area and location that you need less noisy generator or with a accepted noise. If you are looking for a generator that is 100% soundproof then you have to pay a huge amount because such generators are not budget friendly. Though such mobile generator will be bit expensive but you will be able to get a peaceful ambiance.

Diesel or Gas Fuel Type

Both fuel types has its own advantages as well as downsides. Both have a capability to handle different types of loads according to your job needs.

But still there are few things that make the diesel fuel more convenient. The very first benefit of diesel generator is that it comes up with maximum efficiency and power. Means it will use low sources and creates maximum output. Best thing is that you can store the diesel for longer use and you can buy it any time anywhere and can use it for diesel generators as well as for other diesel tools.

If you buy gas mobile generator then it will be not convenient because the gas tank is small and you cannot store more gas. You have to arrange gas immediately in case of no gas. Or you have to bring gas via pipeline for your construction job. This can be very time consuming or can be very expensive. Those pipelines will be useless after completing construction job. So buying a diesel mobile generator can be convenient for you.


Runtime is another important factor it is the total time that taken by generator to run before the refilling of fuel. Buy the generator that has capability of running the whole day. It should be designed in such a way that it did not miss a beat. As we all knows that anything beyond that is extra or anything that is low can be very time consuming for you. It will be very bad and will disturb the whole work environment when the fuel will be finished and the whole crew was sitting useless waiting to be refilled. This thing will disturb the environment, time, and will make the crew irresponsible.

Ask supplier to customize generator according to your needs

Automatic Voltage Regulations

As we all knows workloads need different types of powers. A surge power is necessary in order to start the equipment and then in order to run the equipment norming power requires tappers off.

AVR plays an important role in keeping the voltage constant. Doesn’t matter how much you are varying loads, or starting and stopping the generator it keeps the generator constant and no tool will be damage. AVR is amazing and store the maximum output in capacitor, it’s another plus point is that it release that power when its demand is very high.

AVR plays an important role in protecting generator from faster wear and tear. They also prevent brownouts but also protect the device from getting electrical damage.


You have to make sure that the generator has been equipped by GFCI protection. It plays an important role in preventing electrocution of workers. It does totally up to you can buy a mobile generator that has been already equipped by built-in GFCI receptacles. Or if you have bought the one that has not built-in GFCI receptacles then you can attach an outside device called a spider box with GFCI receptacles.

Automatic idle control

This is one of the best features that your mobile generator should have. It pays an important role in running engine at a lower rate and also responsible for low fuel consumptions as well as noise level. It is best especially if you are using a mobile generator in colder area it will keep warm the generator engine and generator works without missing a beat.


Before choosing a trailer for mobile generator the thing that you need to consider should be size and durability. If the trailer will be of high quality, the generator will be safe from getting damaged. We will recommend you to choose strong, galvanized, steel trailers they are safe and have capability to survive in all bad environments whether its storm or rain, generator will be safe.

Also make sure to look into the trailer size, buy the one that will be appropriate with genset. If you follow all of the above tips then you can buy a perfect genset for your job site.

In order to prevent downtime and maximize the value of genset choosing a good supplier and genset is very important.

Victory Power Reliable

You can choose victory power reliable and we assure you that we will fulfill all your requirements. After multiple inspections we will deliver the product to you. We have been awarded with multiple certification of producing high quality genset. You can trust us we assure you about product reliability, efficiency as well as durability. If you want to know more about us then call at  +86 135 9276 9969 / +86 135 8094 6676. You can also leave an email or

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