NEWS Few Tips to Store a Weichai Generator

Few Tips to Store a Weichai Generator

Jan 12, 2021

How to Store a Weichai Generator – Amazing Guideline

Well in this modern era, in case of no power you can rely on Weichai Generator but first of all you have to make sure that how you can increase its durability. As you know that you are going to invest into one of the most costly investment ever. So you would better to first know about the maintenance and storage tips about Weichai Generator. If you manage to follow these storage & maintenance tips then there is 90% possibility that your Weichai Generator life will be increased.

These maintenance and storage tips are for all types of generator whether you have standby outdoor generator or a portable one does not matter you can implement these tips on all generators.

Few people don’t tool the storage tips seriously but they are totally at mistaken because it is very important to protect a generator. Continue to read the below article and get to know about the amazing storage tips that you may have not known.

How to Store a Weichai Generator when not in use

In case if you are not going to use a Weichai Generator for long then before keeping it anywhere we recommend you to prepare it for storage. But always make sure that the preparation and storage methods are different, these methods also depends upon different situation that for how long you are going to store the Weichai Generator.

Tips to store a Weichai Generator for short term

Well if you have decided to store your generator for smaller duration then don’t you worry about it because it will not take a more effort. Best part about storing generator short period is that you don’t even have to worry about cleaning it. But the things that you have to make sure that you are going to place it on clean, dry and cool place.

Tips to store a Weichai Generator for longer term

When it comes to store a Weichai Generator for longer term then you have to follow few extra steps. You can follow below steps for the generators that don’t require fuels for example solar generators.

Step 1: Cleaning & Maintenance

Before buying Weichai Generator consult from owner that how you can do maintenance of your generator. They will guide you with the best because every generator comes up with their maintenance steps. But in general if you ask us to write about the maintenance guide then follow below guidelines.


Whenever you decide to clean the generator then do it internally as well as externally. You have to also confirm that you have wiped out the whole fuel tank; it will be good if you did not store the fuel in the fuel tank. But if its necessary to store it then make sure that there is not any leakage.

After confirmation that there is not any fuel leaks then inspect and wipe out the cooling air slots, carburetor, muffler, springs & engine controls. If you are succeed in cleaning these components then all done.


After cleaning you can come to maintenance but for making it simply we will recommend you to hire a professional. Don’t call him if you are storing it for shorter period but if you are going to store it at the end of season for longer period then you would better to hire a good technician for doing high quality maintenance.

If you hire them they will provide your generator a best tune up and will also let you know that when you will need a next maintenance. You can also take your generator to the local repair store nearby you; they will also serve you best.

Step 2: Fuel

The second step that you have to follow is a fuel. Yes! Before storing it is very important to do preparations for a fuel. You would better to empty the fuel tank or you can also make the addition of a stabilizer in order to increase the generator durability.

We will recommend you strongly to choose a stabilizer from the list of registered gasoline additives.

Where should you keep your Weichai Generator?

Finally answer to the frequently asked question where should you keep your Weichai Generator is here.

After completing preparations for long or short term storage, the next step you have to follow is to store your generator at the best place.

A good Storage solution really means a lot because it is the one that will make sure that Weichai Generator has been kept at a good place.

Here we are going to list down few storage solutions, give it a read and choose the best one for your needs.


Weichai Generator

Most of the people give first preference to garage in order to keep the generator especially if it is out of fuel. Garage is a best and reliable place to store the generator because it brings so much protection and comes up with temperature controlled environment.

We assure you that you will never regret trying this place especially in emergency. We found it the easiest pace for accessing the generator.

 Outdoor Shed

If you don’t want to keep it in the garage and want to keep it away from the home then we recommend you to keep it in outdoor shed. Though this one is not a good option especially for winters but you can keep the generator in summer. Most cold weather can easily ruin the originality of generator and can decrease its durability.

But if still outdoor shed is your choice in winter then you would better to buy insulated covers for your generators. Insulated covers have a capability to protect the component of generator from being damage.

Generator Enclosures

If garage and outdoor shed is not satisfying you then you can invest on generator enclosures. With the help of generator enclosures you can keep the generator outdoors and it will keep the generator safe from moist and dust.

If you manage to buy a model that comes up with ventilation then there will be no need to remove the generator when it comes to use it.

Can Storing a generator outside is a good idea?

Few people mostly ask a question that storing a Weichai Generator is a good idea or not? So here we are answering it. Well! Honestly speaking the storing a generator inside especially for homeowners is not a good option especially if it is full of gasoline. Even we recommend you highly not to keep any fuel tank inside especially if it’s with gas otherwise there might be a possibility of an explosion. If you want to keep it inside then wipe out all the fuel and then store it for longer period. Always gives your first preference to garage for keeping the generator. Don’t consider basement for it.

Though generator is amazing for powering home appliances but if you keep it indoors then its higher emission rate can be the reason of hard smell that will create unpleasant ambiance for your loved ones.

How long one can store a gas?

Well when it comes to time for storing a gas then we must tell you that there is not any specific timeframe for it because every genset comes up with own functionality.

But still by doing a visual inspection you can have an idea that it’s still safer or not. Whenever gas goes through phase separation, when ethanol separates and sinks to the bottom, then that time we recommend you strongly not to use it anymore because it has been no more safer.

So these were the few simple steps for cleaning and storing, we have also shared few more safety precautions related to fuel. Hope now everything is pretty much cleared for you.

You can also follow few more steps to safe it, following more steps can increase the generator life.

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