NEWS What is Natural Gas Generator- Advantages, Sizing?

What is Natural Gas Generator- Advantages, Sizing?

Nov 04, 2020

Natural Gas Generator – Why to utilize it

Natural gas generator is one of the best type of generator which used natural gas to convert mechanical energy into electrical. This generator doesn’t utilize diesel and gasoline. Research has found that in 2016 it is one of the most used generators in US. It comes up with lot of benefits; especially its cost effectiveness, efficiency and environment friendly feature make it more unique as compared to other generator. Diesel generator and gasoline one has higher emission rate so they are not good for environment, they create pollution in the air but when it comes to natural gas generator it is environmental friendly. Though they have lot of benefits but still they are not flexible as compared to other, they can be used for limited applications.  Read the below content, we are going to put a deep shed on natural gas generator types, have a look below.

Types of Natural Gas Generator

Standby and prime are the 2 main types of natural gas generator first we will read about standby type.

Standby Natural Gas Generator

These generators have been commonly used by residential and industrial purposes. But the thing is that in both case generators are permanently installed and company supplied the fuel. In case of no power, this generator type auto swings itself into operation; you don’t have to do any effort in order to run it. It runs automatically with zero effort.

But it has one disadvantage, if you are operating this generator more than the prescribed amount then generator will start facing lot of problems on regular intervals, you have to repair it or maintained it on daily basis.

For this type utilizing a natural gas generator is one of the best choices and makes the generator very efficient because fuel supplied to generator via underground pipes you doesn’t have to arrange tanks for the fuel, it will directly come from the company so the supply of fuel will be unlimited, but for diesel or gasoline there can be chances of no diesel and gasoline in the time of power outages.

Prime Natural Gas Generator

This generator type is utilized only in the case of no utility. There usage has been found very low for residential purpose. Because in US 50% home doesn’t have the facility to auto connection of gas line, or there are many homes that even does not have a gas line so in case of no power these generator will not work, you have to bring a natural gas via truck which is a very hard work so people don’t prefer it. But it is perfect for those homes that have gas line in their homes they can have a connection of generator via that line and can take benefit from that generator and can enjoy its environmental friendly features.

Usage of Natural Gas Generators

There wide usage has been found in hospital and nurses home. They are mostly installed on that place where continuous power supply is the main issue. People usually prefer to buy natural gas generator or diesel because gasoline generator has lot of disadvantages, in case of no electricity you cannot buy gasoline from the market because they use electric pump to provide you gasoline. It’s another disadvantage is that it creates higher emission while running which is really a bad thing for environment.

Natural gas generators are very good as compared to other generators so they are the most common. People does not like to do daily effort or doesn’t like to add fuel on daily basis so it is a best option if you are looking for the one that required low maintenance, low effort and comes up with environmental friendly features.

Natural Gas Generator Size

Now we are going to put some shed on the size of dual fuel or tri-fuel generators, means these generators have functionality of running on any fuel. Yes! As technology has been developed so much in this era so now tri-fuel generators are also available into the market. These generators is a must buy product because it gives you ease, you can use the any fuel type anytime. It will make your life easier. Limited fuel generator can create many problems sometime it becomes hard to have access to a single fuel in case of power outages. So try to buy the one that has multi functionality fuel feature, you will not regret buying it.

Here we are going to list down things that we commonly run via generator in case of short power. Refrigerator, gas furnace, washer, dryer, TV, electric fans, microwave and the most important home security system, we cannot stop these things in case of no power.

Always keep in mind, more the power, size will bigger. Generator gets power in KW. After buying a specific generator you can read the specification of generator, there must be written that exactly how many appliances is runnable with the equipped power.

Dual Fuel Generators

In 90’s generators were strict to run via natural gas but now a days manufacturers have launched duel fuel generators that can run via natural gas, diesel as well as gasoline. Such generators are known as dual fuel and tri-fuel generators. Well! Portable generators with dual functionality have been very common now.  Even now many industries are utilizing duel fuel generators because of its great advantages. These generators are equipped with conversion kit which makes the generator possible to accept gas. Even now in cars, this facility is installed, now one can drive the car on patrol as well as on natural gas by changing conversion kit.

gas generator

Advantages, Disadvantages of Natural Gas Generator via Diesel

Well! In market natural gas generator is in competition of diesel generator, both are their opponent, both comes up with few pros and cons let’s have a look below to differentiate which one is good.


Well! When it comes to storage you can store the diesel only for 24 months. Another bad thing about diesel is that if you store it in large amount then it will be very expensive but when it comes to natural gas generators they does not required to be re-filled. So here natural gas wins.


When it comes to price, natural gas is very inexpensive as compared to diesel and gasoline. Here natural gas again wins.


When it comes to safety then natural gas has high flammable properties which can be the reason of higher blast in case of any bad omen but diesel has low flammable properties so here diesel wins.

User friendly

Well! Both fuel types’ works perfectly in winter season but in wet atmosphere diesel is not suitable. So here natural gas wins.


When it comes to efficiency diesel is more efficient and provides a huge amount of power. When it comes to natural gas it burns with a very little waste so here diesel wins.

Environment friendly

Natural gas emits carbon dioxide while diesel contaminate the air which is not good. When it comes to noise pollution natural gas generator has no noise while diesel generator creates noise so here natural gas wins.

Every fuel type has pros, cons but  you can have an idea from above that natural gas is one of the best choice. Do you want to buy best natural gas generator? If yes you are at the right place, visit Victory Power Reliable  and place your order.

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