NEWS Where you can use Gasoline Turbine Generator in different events?

Where you can use Gasoline Turbine Generator in different events?

Jan 14, 2022

A trend that began in 1933, regains its space and popularity now in 2020. We are talking about events in the drive-in format. They were due to the pandemic, fit perfectly into the moment we are going through. Therefore, in today's text, we will understand a little more about this event format and learn about the advantages of the gasoline turbine generator. Explore a little more behind the scenes of this modality that was once again a success.

What is a drive-in event?

As mentioned above, this modality emerged around 1933. However it reached the peak of its popularity years later, in 1950. The drive-in is a service location – which, in order to enjoy, the customer does not need to leave the car. The term is pseudo-Anglicism and originally North American drive-through (or drive-thru).

A drive-in event takes place in the same way, within the concept that everyone participates and watches the show or show in their car. This gasoline turbine generator model gained a lot of strength in past decades, with the arrival of polio. And now in 2020, it has taken over as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gasoline Turbine Generator

Drive-In Event During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic had strong impacts on society, both economic and social. And with the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to maintain social distance and avoid agglomerations, the first sectors that stopped functioning were leisure and entertainment.

Faced with this scenario, many found the drive-in format a way to continue working and promoting fun moments for their audience. It can be said that the first drive-in event of this quarantine took place in Denmark, with the musician Mads Langer.

And after that, many others also joined the modality and started to produce music shows, religious services, children's shows, standups, plays, weddings, graduations and much more in this format.

Where to install gasoline turbine generator

A large and spacious parking lot, lots of big screens, good lighting, a sound system and an entertainment attraction on stage. It sounds simple to set up a drive-in event, but like all other formats, this one also needs a lot of planning and organization.

For example, everything is lined up, organized for the event to take place in the best possible way – until suddenly there is no light! And now? How to solve this problem? Have you thought about investing in a gasoline turbine generator?

That's exactly why we're going to talk about the generator for drive-in events, what are the differentials and benefits that this equipment can bring to the sector.

Gasoline Turbine Generator 2022

Gasoline Turbine Generator and Its Advantages

It is practically impossible for an event in this format to happen without electricity. It is also very unpredictable to rely only on electricity supplied by the distribution center.

Therefore, those who want to avoid unforeseen events. Moreover, you do not need to spoil any event. Similarly, you should look for another way to guarantee the supply of energy during the show or performance. Gasoline turbine generator meeting all the event's needs and bringing other advantages – it's the energy generator.

This type of event usually needs to be set up in a structure for it to happen. These are opposite to concert halls, nightclubs and other places that already have a structure ready and prepared for possible unforeseen events such as the power grid outage.

And for that reason, the concern with energy must be even greater. Among the advantages of renting a gasoline turbine generator for a drive-in event are:

It is extremely important to have a specialized company. They can identify the size and power of the generator to meet the event's needs, as well as the space available to carry out the installation.

Gasoline turbine generator fixes A Sudden Power Outage

You need to go to vacations, reuniting the family, taking a trip, staying in a hotel full of attractions. Moreover, you need a lot of comfort to enjoy and relax. Generally, these are the plans of those looking for the hotel sector in high season.

What is not in the plans and shouldn't be is a sudden power outage in the hotel. And that's exactly what we're going to talk about in today's text. What are the advantages of renting a gasoline turbine generator for hotels?

Let's check out more on the subject below!

The Use of gasoline turbine generator in Hotels

In general, electricity is essential for everyone. However, when there is a power outage at home or at work, for example, we manage to get around the situation somehow. But, in the case of the hotel sector, this problem becomes a little bigger.

It is due to the fact that the main bias of gasoline turbine generator work is to meet the needs of customers.  They are using the hotel services for a certain period.

And it is during this period of stay that the client creates his considerations about the hotel. And he identifies whether his expectations were met. This image of the company is what makes him become loyal. We return to stay in the place and recommend it to other people. .

A Power Outage Causes a Series of Problems

For this and many other reasons, the use of electricity can seriously harm the proper functioning of a hotel. And it compromises the business as a whole. A power outage in a hotel causes a series of problems, as practically all of its activities need it to work, such as:

Summary gasoline turbine generator

You know a little more about the advantages of a drive-in event generator. Now, it's time to ensure that your event is safe and free from last minute unforeseen risks. Install gasoline turbine generator right now and make a quote.


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