NEWS Generator ATS Pros and Cons in 2020

Generator ATS Pros and Cons in 2020

Dec 05, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Generator ATS

In today’s Article we are going to explain about pros and cons of generator ATS. But before putting shed on these pros and cons we want to explain about power transfer mechanism so you can have an idea what is exactly consistent power.

As we all knows that, in this era, consistent power plays an important role for major establishments, consistent power is used especially to power main devices as well as in order to keep running security mechanism.


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Few Major Establishment that depends on Power Transfer Mechanism

Here we are going to list names of few major establishments that use high backup generators for consistent supply of power. Whether there is power outage or any mechanical error occur, does not matter those generators have to provide consistent power. Those major establishments can be hospitals, schools, restaurants, IT hubs, banks, Malls etc. There may be possibility that these establishments is using a used or new generators but this thing is not the main concern, thing that matters a lot is power transfer mechanism if that function is not working properly then the device is useless.

Power transfer mechanism usually relies on the kind of load transfer switch that have been equip via generator. Well! This power transfer mechanism comes up with two switches one is manual and other one is automatic transfer switch. Here we comes up with an opinion that manual switches needs to be triggered by personnel of the establishment, on the other hands automatic switches needs to be triggered by any indication of blackouts.

Well! If you are one of those who wants to invest in an automatic switch then we will recommends you highly to first give a read to their pros and cons.

Advantages of Generator ATS

When you want a electricity flow between your electrical feed and generator then generator ATS plays an important role for busy business routine.

You will get un interrupted Power Feed

The very first advantage of Generator ATS is that you will be able to get un interrupted power. Especially when the power goes out it is one of the best ways to engage immediately with the generator. Generator ATS plays an important role especially for business that needs continuous power. Does not matter whether you are running a financial business or vital operation, Generator ATS is simply amazing to engage immediately without missing a beat.  You don’t have to stand up or even raise a finger for turning generator on. Your employees or staff also doesn’t have to move from their place, Generator ATS will do all the things automatically in case of power outages.

Sensing Power

It’s another main advantage is that it comes up with sensing power it is equip by built in sensor which has a capability of detecting fluctuations in the voltage.  It also can sense fluctuations in frequency. All those sensors have marks when frequency and voltage cross that mark auto transfer switch sends single to generator and turn it off. It also plays an important role if its sense any power trip in work area, Generator ATS will handle that power shortage. In short we can says that it not only comes up with auto functioning feature but it also has a capability to save generator or circuit from over protection.

Provides Efficient Source of Power

It also plays an important role in providing power in highly efficient manner. You don’t have to move in order to turn on the generator switch, many times when auto transfer switch is not installed in generator then one of your staff members went in the dark and switch on but this thing can be very risky for your staff. Auto transfer switch is one of the most efficient mean of swapping your power source. Power goes out suddenly and employees even did not notice the power failure and touches the switch in dark. Yes this can be very risky, in order to create reliable and pleasant ambiance you must have to manage Generator ATS in your work area. We assure you that you will never regret spending money on it. Even you don’t have to face any business delays or meeting delays if you manage to install it.

Delay Mechanism

It’s another amazing advantage is that it comes up with a benefit of delay mechanism. It gives its best to protect generator and your appliances as well as electric circuit from facing fluctuations.

Time delay usually strikes in the start of almost 1 to 5 seconds and in the end 1 to 30 minutes this time delay mechanism normalize the generator and electric circuit before the full transfer of circuit to the main board. This time delay mechanism increases the generator, device and electric circuit life. So if you want to increase your devices durability then must manage to install it.

Generator Location

Its last but not least advantage is that you do not have to worry about generator location. As we all knows that we always like to install generator in the garage or somewhere far from home or office in order to provide noise free environment to your employees or family. But it will be very annoying to get into the garage every time for turning it on. So if you manage to install generator ATS then you don’t have to worry about generator location because ATS does not let you touch it at all.

Disadvantages of Generator ATS

As we all knows that everything comes up with advantages as well as few downsides. It would be good for you in making decision if you are going to buy. The more you understand, it will be more easier to make reliable decision.

Prices are bit high

When you compare the prices of auto transfer switch with manual switch then you will get to know that it is more expensive than manual one. ATS is larger and complex as compared to manual switch because manual switches don’t have a sensing power but ATS have to incorporate with sensors as well as with other things also. So we recommend you to first make your pocket budget friendly and then go for it.

There might be a possibility of reacting to false reading

As we all knows that auto transfer switches are programed base. In case of any malfunction in their program they can react to false reading and get in action. This false reading can create lot of trouble for you. Sometimes can be the reason of huge disaster.

As we all knows that ATS works on sensor system, they has a capability of monitoring electricity level, if that level disrupted for any possible reasons then switch will automatically turns on the generator. But In this era everything has been very advanced, it is not problematic at all now manufacturer have designed it in such a way that incase of any emergency the generator power will be wasted but not harm the circuit.

Demands more maintenance and care

Well! Auto transfer switches needs more care and maintenance as compared to manual switches. Manual switches are simple so you don’t have keep to do any check and balances. But make sure because this is not the case with auto transfer switch.  Buy it only if you are ready for fulfilling maintenance demands.

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