NEWS Generator Set Buying Guides in 2020

Generator Set Buying Guides in 2020

Dec 07, 2020

How to choose a best Generator Set

Before moving to the main topic firs of all we want to let you know about the main definition of generator set then we will briefly explain about buying guides that will help you in making decision on choosing the right generator set. Let’s read the below content.

What is Generator Set?

gas generator

Generator Set is a device which plays an important role in producing electricity. This device is composed of electric generator & engine both are mounted together. Now day’s people use generator set as a main or auxiliary use. They are perfect in order to meet any type of energy needs. They are reliable for every type of application. You can buy it whether you run a business or going to buy it for your loved ones, it will create a pleasant ambiance for your home.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a Generator Set

The very first thing that you have to notice is the total power. Before buying get an estimate that how much power is required by your appliances. The second important thing that you have to make sure is the type of power supply whether it is single phase or a three phase. 3rd important thing is to make sure that which type of generator set you are looking for. Do you want stationary one or mobile? Last important thing to consider is a motor type. Here we are going to give you an example for better understanding. We will recommend you to buy a gasoline engine if you are looking for small generator set. But if you want to buy a large generator set then diesel engine can be good for your needs.

You can also go for turbine or gas engine if your main concern is pollutant free environment, this option is very economical and create pleasant ambiance for you. The last important thing that you have to define is the voltage regulation. It is really important for any generator set because it is the one that plays an important role in smoothing the result voltage. If you succeed in defining voltage regulation then there will be very low chances of damaging electronic equipment’s.

How much power should your Generator Set have?

In order to find out that how much power required by your generator set, you must have to know about the nominal power of the equipment as well as the peak power consumption. First of all you have to understand what these powers are. Nominal power of the equipment is the power that will consume at the same time on the other hand peak power consumption is the power that consumes in the startup.

Here we are going to give you an example for better understanding. Electric motor is designed in such a way that it has capability of consuming 3 times it nominal in startup. Choose the generator set that have a capability of providing peak power consumed by all equipment’s that have start at the same time.

If you are buying a generator for supplying power to lights, television, small appliances then you have to make sure that the generator has been equipped by a safety factor of almost 30%. All these are resistive equipment’s and it is very necessary to have a safety factor. But when it comes to inductive equipment’s then choose the generator that have nominal power multiplied by 3. This is just for getting account peak consumption.

What is a difference b/w KV and KW?

Another thing that you must know before buying generator set, if you have chooses a generator set that provides 3 phase power supply the power is indicated in KVA and it is known as an apparent power.
On the other hand power of generator set with direct current or single phase power has been indicated in KW and it is known as an active power.

The main difference b/w KV and KWA is only the phase shift b/w each phase. Normally this phase shift is known as a cos φ. In order to obtain the active power you have multiply apparent power and cos φ. But make sure to implement the generator rule, for generator set value of cos φ is 0.8.

Choosing a right kind of Motor for your Generator Set

As we all knows that generator sets are composed of internal combustion engines. According to your needs and the availability of fuel type you can choose the below mentioned engines.

We are going to list down few engine types and their advantages you can select the one that you think is reliable for your needs.

Gasoline Generator Set

Gasoline Generator Set is versatile and compact. They are popular because they do not create any noise. Such generator sets normally can provide power up to 6 KW single phase current. Choose it only if your power needs is not high.

Diesel Generator Set

If you are looking for generator that has a capability of providing continuous power for outdoors then Diesel Generator Set option is a best choice for you. It is very reliable for construction sites. If you compare it with gasoline generator then you will get to know that they are more reliable. Such type of Generator Set has a capability of offering single-phase, three-phase or mixed current.

Gas Generator

Gas generators are very economical as compared to diesel and gasoline. First you have to make sure that you have 100% availability of gas in your area then prefer it for buying. They are very reliable and pollution free. Gas generators are noise free and easy to use. They are easily available in the market for providing power up to 12 KW. Even they have a capability of providing single or 3 phase current.

Turbine Generator Set

If you are looking for generators that have a capability of providing more power then you can buy turbine generator. They play an important role in supplying a constant power with higher efficiency.

Starting system of Generator Sets

The starting system is vary from power to power. Generator set that has capability of providing power up to 3 KW then it must be equipped by manual starting system. We will recommend you not to buy such system if your power needs are continuous and high.

Generator sets with high power usually comes up with electric starter connected by a battery.

What is a difference b/w single or three phase generator set?

If you are buying a generator set for domestic use and required power is up to 18 KW then we will recommend you to buy a single phase generator. If you are buying a generator set for professional use and your power requirement is very high then then we will recommend you to buy a three phase generator.

Few other things that you have to consider before buying

Voltage Regulation

If you are going to buy a cheap generator set then we will tell you that you are going in loss because cheap generators don’t have output voltage regulation system. if this system has not been installed in the generator then there is 90% chances of damaging. Especially if your electronic components are highly sensitive to over voltage. Well! Buy the generator at good price, because spending few more dollars can save you from a major loss.

So before buying we will recommend you strongly to check whether your generator has been equipped by AVR or not. If it has been equip then you can place an order blindly.

Cooling System

Second important thing that you have to make sure is a cooling system. As we all knows that generators that have capability of providing a low power are already air cooled and they are not designed to run all the time. But if you are buying a generator that have capability of providing high power then it must be equipped by a liquid cooling system.


As we all knows that smaller generators are portable and compact in size perfect for camping, hiking etc. But you can find slightly larger generator sets in mobile generators models. They have been installed by wheels so moving them is very easy from one place to another. But when it comes to larger generators that have capability to provide power to industries then you can find such generators in transportable models.

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