NEWS How to Keep Low Noise Generator – Few Tips

How to Keep Low Noise Generator – Few Tips

Dec 10, 2020

Amazing Ideas to keep Low Noise Generator

Are you wandering for ways to keep Low Noise Generator? If yes then you are at the right place, today we are going to tell amazing tips that will help you to lower the decibel level of low noise generator.

As well all knows that generators play an important role in camping or for RV trailers.

Yes Low Noise Generator comes very handy to make your trip successful, it plays an important role in charging smaller things as well as they can handle the load of larger appliances.

But as we all knows that everything comes up with pros as well as with some downsides. So today we are going to help you to remove these downsides in order to provide you a pleasant ambiance.

Read the below article and know about the tips to keep generator noise at low level.

Buy a Good Generator

The very first thing that you have to consider is the needs of power. Yes few people don’t take this seriously but yes if you are aware about your power needs then you can easily avoid the noisy generator situation.

Understanding it is very simple, the more power your generator has, the more will be generator noise. In short you can say that power is directly proportional to the noise. First of all you have to balance the needs of power and then find out that how much noise your ears are comfortable with then you can buy the generator.

There are many people that took the generator on camping just to charge up their phones etc. So if you are also one of those who needs are limited to such smaller things then we will recommend you to buy a smaller generator for yourself. It will be OK to fulfill your camping needs.

Such type of generators has a capability of providing 100 watt power and has capability to handle such smaller appliances. But if you are one of those who wants to power larger appliances then camping fridge, coffee maker, microwave etc then we will recommend you to buy a generator that provides high power. If your need is high then buy the generator that can handle 2000 to 5000 watts.

In this era, everything has been very advanced, now a days you will be able to see such generators that are designed in such a way that have capability to provide high output with low noise. A soundproof enclosure has been installed in such generators. But such type of generators is very expensive and out of reach to middle class people. That is why we decided to share such tips that can be helpful for such people.

Make sure to keep the Exhaust Pipe away from you

The second important thing that you have to consider is the generator position. Make sure to place the exhaust pipe of generator away from your camping place. There are many models available in the market that are designing generators with exhaust pipe on upward position, means the emission automatically moves towards the sky beside spreading in the surrounding.

If you able to find out such generators then the noise will automatically be away from you via those exhaust pipes.

Keep Generator Away

3rd important thing that you can do to avoid noise is to keep the generator away from camping. People don’t take this tip seriously but this one of the most important thing to make the camping area quieter. But there are still few things that you need to consider. Yes distance depends on two main factors; we are going to give you an example for better understanding.

For example, if your camping area is not wide then we will recommend you to take care of your neighbors comfort. Yes it’s not ethical to disturb the neighbors with generator noise. But if you are camping on such a place where you are alone or there is no one or area is very wide then the very first thing that you have to arrange is the extension cord and also the distance that how much you can walk with that generator. If you manage to keep the generator away from your place then you can make your trip successful.

There are many brands out there that are designed in such a way that shows decibel ratings of tat model. Such ratings are usually measured at a distance of 7 meter away from generator.

So it is one of the best rule to follow by keeping generator away from camping almost 20 feet’s away.

If you are in a wide area but in your surrounding there can be chances of disturbance of neighbors then extension cord can get you out of this issue.

Yes it is true if you follow above tricks then you can vastly cut down on the noise and can focus on making your trip more pleasant.

Keep generator on soft surface

Another best thing is to consider is to place the generator on a soft surface. First of all go the camping place find the good distance and soft point for keeping it and then arrange extension cord. Soft area place an important role in dampens the noise instead of amplifying it.

Yes it will be good if you manage to avoid hard surface. Also make sure that the place you have chosen for keeping generator should be not of concrete, wood, asphalt. Such type of surfaces is usually responsible for increasing the noise.

The best option that we can recommend you to place your generator on grass. Yes grass has a capability to absorb and dampen the sound produced by generator vibrations.

Well! There can be a possibility that you are in a place where ground is not soft at all then in order to deal such situation we will recommend you to use anti vibration mats. Such mats are made by rubber and play an important role in absorbing vibrations. Such mats have a capability to absorb noise coming from household appliances.

Usage of Sound Deflectors

If you are manage to follow all of the above things then the next thing you have to make use of sound deflectors. People think that this option is time consuming but they are wrong, it’s a very simple process to execute. The only thing that you have to manage is 4 sheets of Polly wood and non-inflammable material. We will recommend you to use a dry wall it is one of the best thing when you need something as a fire resistant.

Also make sure all the things should be four feet wide and 3 feet tall. Now put these pieces at different angles along generator. Also set them in such a way that they don’t catch the fire.

For better understanding we will recommend you to have a look upon below image. This picture will clear out all your confusion regarding keeping deflectors.

low noise generator

With the help of these sound deflectors, you will see a clear difference and the decibel of the generator will get to almost zero immediately.

Another best thing to avoid noise is to add acoustic enclosure or baffle box. This idea is almost similar to the sound deflectors. It is very reliable way then sound deflectors because you don’t have to bring 5 panels of plywood with yourself for camping.

This idea is very compact you can buy a single baffle box or can also make your own.

Conclusion on keeping Low Noise Generator

The short conclusion of this article is that by combining all of the above tips you can achieve the Low Noise Generator. We do camping outside the city on mountains in order to do some relaxation from city noise, so the generator noise can irritate you if you did not follow above tips. We open that Article will definitely going to help you in making your camping trip successful. These tricks can make the place peaceful and you can enjoy the voice of birds cheering around mountains. Do try these tips and let them other know also. After trying you can let us know that are you satisfied with these tips or not.

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