NEWS Industry News 4 Sets of CHD622V20STC Diesel Engine Delivered to Russia

4 Sets of CHD622V20STC Diesel Engine Delivered to Russia

Nov 21, 2017

It's reported that, 4 sets of CHD622V20STC diesel engine manufactured by Henan Diesel Engine Industry Limited (HND) were delivered to overseas users on Oct. 25. 2017, marking that China's first turbocharged diesel engine with high speed and high power has been developed and achieved small batch production. CHD622V20STC machine is another high-end independent brand after CHD622V20 and CHD622V20CR, and its development successfully consolidates the industry position in the field of high speed and high power diesel engine in China.


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It is the first delivery of this engine model. STC stands for Sequential Turbo Charging. Comparing to earlier versions of CHD622V20, STC engine has improved the performance at low load region.


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In recent years, based on the independent R&D, HND successfully developed CHD622V20 and CHD622V20CR diesel engines in 2013 and 2015 respectively, and realized the fundamental transformation from "import digestion absorption" to "independent research and development". The CHD622V20 diesel engine is a highly supercharged diesel engine, and the Turbocharger matching is difficult to meet the performance optimization requirements of diesel engine in all operating conditions. In order to expand the low load operation area of diesel engine, HND has carried out the research of CHD622V20 diesel engine sequential turbocharger technology, and realized the small batch production in the short term, to meet the market demand.


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