NEWS Leroy Somer Alternator – What is it?

Leroy Somer Alternator – What is it?

Mar 31, 2021

Everything You Need to Know about Leroy Somer Alternator

Our today’s topic is about Leroy Somer Alternator and how does it work. If you are a newbie and going to buy a generator then you must go through this Article. First of all we are going to put shed over what is a Leroy Somer Alternator? Then we will be explaining how does it work? so let’s continue to read with us.

What is Leroy Somer Alternator?

A Leroy Somer Alternator is the heart of generator. It is also refer as genhead. Leroy Somer Alternator plays an important role in producing electrical energy from mechanical energy supplied to it by engine. Leroy Somer Alternator composed of stator, a stationary component & a rotor.

Rotor plays an important role in movement. Leroy Somer Alternator is like a backbone to generator, without it generator cannot work.

When all parts combine and function then as a result relative movement b/w magnetic & electric field is created which further becomes the reason of electricity.

Hope now your concepts got much clearance, now we are going to explain how exactly Alternator works?

How Leroy Somer Alternator works?

Leroy Somer Alternator actually functions by following electromagnetic induction principle.

What is electromagnetic Induction?

The main principle of electromagnetic induction is that in the existence of electric conductor & magnetic field for example wire containing electric charges move and as a result voltage difference is produced b/w the 2 ends of electrical conductor.

This difference in voltage actually becomes the reason of movement of charges and produce electricity.

Structure of Leroy Somer Alternator

Leroy Somer Alternator actually composed of both moving and stationary components. These components have been encased by protective housing.

The stationary part of Leroy Somer Alternator is refer as Stator. Stator is actually a combo of wires that are wound in coil over an iron core.

Second component is rotor which is also refer as armature. This one is not stationary because it is a moveable part which in result generate rotating magnetic field in 3 ways.

Now we are going to discuss those 3 ways that you may have not known.


This mechanism usually exists in those generators that are very large. Such large generators are usually known as brushless generators.

Permanent Magnets

This mechanism usually exists in small generators because smaller gensets has been equip by permanent magnets that generates magnetic field.

In smaller genset rotor further convert magnetic field which is in stationary form into the rotating field which as a result generate AC current.


You must have heard about exciter, being a small source of direct current exciter actually utilize assemble of slip rings & brushes. It actually energizes the rotor.

Above mentioned were the 3 different ways of producing magnetic field. Now we are going to put shed over the working principle of a generator alternator.

Working Principle of Leroy Somer Generator Alternator that you may have not known

When it comes to electric generators and generator alternators then we must tell you that both follow the Flemings right hand rules.

This rule actually defines the direction of movement of conductor, the magnetic field & induced current. According to this rule if someone put the thumb, forefinger & the middle finger of your right hand in perpendicular direction to each other, in case if thumb is showing the direction of the motion of the conductor then forefinger  shows the direction of magnetic field & mid finger represents the direction of current.

Isn’t it amazing? Absolutely this rule is amazing because follows the Flemings right hand rules.

We have been receiving a one question since long so we thought to answer it today. Few people usually say that is there any difference b/w generator & alternator. Well! The answer is big YES! There is a huge difference b/w both of them.

We are going to put shed over the difference b/w both of them continue to read the below content and get to know about the main difference.

What is generator?

Generator is actually a mechanical device that actually converts mechanical energy into AC or DC electrical energy.

A generator is responsible to produce AC or DC current.

What is Alternator?

When it comes to alternator then we must tell you that it is a device that is responsible to convert mechanical energy into AC electrical energy. Alternator is only responsible to produce an AC current.

As you can see above that there is a much difference b/w both of them.

Few people also pass a query that can an alternator be use as a generator? So here we are going to answer this query.

Can alternator be turn into Generator?

Yes! You can convert car alternator into alternative energy by generating easy cheap homemade wind generator. But for this you have to turn a wrench and operate an electric drill.

Building this generator is super easy and one can manufacture it simple 2 days. For this any vehicle alternator can be used.

so this was the main guide for turning alternator into generator. If you have any knowledge about generator then you can end up with amazing results but if you are a newbie then we recommend you not try this hack.


The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared an amazing guide for Leroy Somer alternator. We have shared its working principle its structure and how does it work? if you have gone through above article deeply then you must have cleared your concepts related to it.

In this Article we have also put shed over the different ways of generating a magnetic field. In short this Article is a complete guide for those who want to know about  alternator.

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