NEWS A Beginner Guide to Lovol Generator Wholesale 2021

A Beginner Guide to Lovol Generator Wholesale 2021

Nov 05, 2021

What are generators?

The generator set consists of a diesel, gas or petrol engine and an alternator configured to generate electricity. Generators are easy to purchase from Lovol generator wholesale and can be common as a backup power source in the event of a mains power outage.

Lovol Generator Wholesale

They can also be installed as the main source of energy in places where it is not possible to connect to the electrical network.

How does a diesel generator which is bought from Lovol generator wholesale work?

A diesel generator converts diesel fuel into electricity. The diesel engine burns diesel fuel, rotates the alternator, which in turn generates an electric current.

Why do you need an industrial market instead of Lovol generator wholesale?

There are many reasons for buying a generator from Lovol generator wholesale. There are three main ones:

  1. Lack of ability to connect to the electrical network.
  2. Similarly, the demand for power is higher than the mains supply can provide.
  3. An additional power supply is important in the event of a power outage. Such a shutdown can have serious consequences for organizations such as:

Hospitals - shutdown of patient monitoring and life support systems.

Servers –Moreover, loss of access to information.

Offices and residential buildings - blackouts, stopping elevators, etc

Manufacturing plants - production stops.

What is the difference between kW and kVA?

The main difference between these units is power factor. kW (kilowatt) is a unit of measurement for active power, while kVA (kilovolt-ampere) is a unit of measurement for apparent power (active power and reactive power together). The standard power factor for a three-phase generator is 0.8,

However, it can vary from 0 to 1 kVA and will always be greater than or equal to kW as it includes reactive power. In relation to industrial and commercial generators you must buy from Lovol generator wholesale, the power unit kW is most often common in the domestic segment, in the industrial and industrial segment - kVA as the main characteristic of the generator power.

What Lovol generator wholesales current frequency do I need?

The frequency of the current comes in hertz and depends on the country of residence. The United States, Latin America and some countries in the Middle East use 60 Hz, while the rest of the world uses 50 Hz.

What is the difference between standby, continuous and rated load?

The backup generator is usually common in emergency situations when the main electrical network is cut off, if it is lost, the generator will automatically start and switch the power to it. As soon as the mains supply is restored, the generator will transfer power and stop.

Lovol Generator Wholesale 2021

The main Lovol generator wholesale, which has unlimited running time, is common as the main source of power supply. The main generator can provide power in situations where there is no access to the main electrical network. Moreover, this is common in industrial industries such as mining or oil and gas, which are located in remote areas.

The main or standby generator is characterized by its capacity. Similarly, there is a concept of the main and reserve power of the generator. Furthermore, the main one is the power that the generator is capable of delivering constantly, in an unlimited time mode.

How do I determine what power generator I need?

Power supply is the main reason for buying a generator. It doesn't matter which generator you need - backup or main, if your new generator does not meet your requirements, then it will not work properly, and in some cases damage electrical appliances.

Determining what capacity an industrial / commercial generator is needed is often very difficult and sometimes requires additional research and measurements. Moreover, contact Lovol generator wholesale: they will help you select the right generator for your needs!

What type of generator and how much power do I need?

There are many types of generator sets. There are single-phase or three-phase, portable or stationary.

Check out the table below to explore our offer according to your needs:

Power Application Products
10-800 kVA
> 800 kVA
Back-up or primary power supply for commercial and industrial applications Stationary generators <830 kVA

Stationary generators> 815 kVA

20-800 kVA Multipurpose mobile generators Multipurpose mobile generators
20-600 kVA Mobile rental generators Rental generators
Customized solutions Generators made according to a special project Individual projects


How can I estimate the noise level of a generator?

The value that characterizes the loudness level of the generator by Lovol generator wholesale, expressed in dB (A) LWA. It is a measurement of the sound pressure level of equipment that comes by strict standards and regulations and allows for appropriate comparison.

Any other value in decibels without the LWA symbol represents the noise level measured at a given distance, but which can vary depending on the position of the measuring point.

From the table it becomes quite clear that an average tourist with a generator with a capacity of up to 3 kilowatts will be enough. We have done some research and to save time, below we present a ranking of the most suitable generators for fishing assistance.

How make good choice while buying Lovol generator wholesale?

The models will be sorted in ascending order of value. Remember that an electric generator can be your assistant for many years, so it is better to carefully approach the issue of choosing a portable power plant.

Consultation of a Lovol generator wholesale will help you not to make a mistake with the choice, for example, you can buy an inverter generator for fishing on the Your Generator website.

How to save money on buying a generator?

A small life hack how to save money on buying a generator: buy a generator jointly with your fishing or hunting comrades. In this case, the acquisition becomes profitable.

However, sometimes it is not a matter of choice or comfort: the place to sleep during winter fishing must be heated, the fish must be emitted at night, to prevent colds it is better to drink a cup of freshly brewed hot drink, and in order to communicate with the outside world it will be necessary to recharge your phone, which for sure discharge in the cold.

Summary Lovol generator wholesale

Lovol generator wholesale requires electricity. But as you know, rosettes do not grow in the forest and do not float on water lilies. Advanced country lovers get their own portable mini-power plants.

Your mini-generator is useful for fishing, hunting, camping and even a summer cottage. It should be lightweight, compact, mobile, protected from moisture and dirt, and durable.


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