NEWS Diesel as a Main Engine vs Petrol? Who Wins?

Diesel as a Main Engine vs Petrol? Who Wins?

Nov 13, 2020

Which is the best Main Engine? Diesel or Petrol?

There are many people who want to buy a generator but they have no idea that which main engine should be selected. In market you got to see many options, so it can be very confusing in selecting the best main engine. But there is no need to worry about, we will make it easier for you in taking decision whether to choose diesel or petrol engine.

This help is very informative and will give you a simple overview of the most important things while buying a generator.

Main Engine – Diesel vs Petrol

Well! When it comes to main engines then diesel and the petrol is the best one to choose. But the battle is not restricted to this; it’s a battle of generators. Even among petrol and diesel, every engine fuel type has its own advantages so you have to carefully choose the best one according to your needs.

Diesel generators has its own advantages and getting popularity day by day because of its cost effective feature but petrol generator is also not coming slow. So who will be the winner, lets decide it by knowing their pros and cons. below content will help you in choosing the right type of main engine for your generator according to your needs so continue to read below.

Advantages of Diesel Engine

Since ages, people think that diesel is a dirty and smoky fuel and only work well for trucks generator. But they are totally at mistaken because when you compare it with petrol then you can see that Diesel consumes a very low amount of fuel. It is a best fuel if you want to save some money. In short we will say that fuel efficiency is one of its main features. So here diesel generator wins this game because of less fuel consumption quantity.

Diesel is a best option for getting lower cost of ownership, this is the reason many industries doesn’t depends on petrol to run their business. They use diesel fuel for running their industrial generators, bulldozers & tractors.

Diesel fuel main advantage is that they last for very longer if you store it in a tank for longer time, it will be not spoil. It needs a very low amount of cost to run.

What is the reason behind their long last?

Well! Diesel last longer because it doesn’t need more effort to provide maximum effort but petrol have to work hard for providing same output. It puts very small stress on engine parts as compared to petrol.

Diesel fuel lubricating system also last longer, so if you are not using a generator since months, the fuel will doesn’t damage the engine and easily can be utilize for next use.

It’s another important advantage that gives it another plus point is lack of ignition system. They are capable to bear loads of 60 to 100 percent for long time.

Diesel makes the main engine more efficient and also plays an important role in increasing engine reliability.

Diesel engine is very easy to maintain and doesn’t require more check and balance.

You have seen its wide usage in running smaller appliances like backup or dye task. But you are totally at mistaken because 90% construction machines and mining machines run via diesel fuel. 90% people consider diesel engine as a backbone of construction industry.

Diesel Generator Disadvantages

As we all know, nothing is perfect; everything comes up with advantages as well as disadvantages. This part will help you in having more information about diesel engine.

Its main disadvantage is that it emits more carbon dioxide and noxious gases which is not good for environmental purposes. However its advantage is that it consumes a very less fuel so it will emit less gas. But this advantage becomes disadvantage only if you are utilizing it for longer time.

A Diesel generator is very durable and doesn’t fail usually but when they fail they require a bit expense. So here were the disadvantages of diesel now we are going to put some shed on the advantages of utilizing a petrol engine. Let’s have a look below with us.

Advantages of Petrol Engine

Well its main advantage is that you can buy petrol in a affordable prices as compared to diesel. Another plus point is that variety of petrol generators models is available in the market. For example you can see petrol generator wide usage in the cars but day by day gas generators are replacing their position.

Because natural gas prices are very low as compared to petrol but rich people still utilize petrol engine because petrol increase the car engine efficiency and performance.

As technology is growing really fast day by day so with development petrol generators are now manufactured by all kinds of economy modes and features.

Disadvantages of Petrol Engine

Besides advantages, petrol engine has many disadvantages also. if you compare petrol with diesel then you will get to know that it is more volatile than diesel. Well! If you are one of those who want to store more fuel for your generator for longer period of time then we will recommend you to go for diesel generator because it will keep you safe. Diesel has low inflammable properties as compared to petrol.

So in case of any emergency or accident blast will be low. Utilizing a diesel engine means no spark ignition so there are very less or almost no chances of explosion.

But now a days, with development in the engine industry now petrol generators are made by keeping safety features in mind. So security is not an issue any more.

It’s another unbearable disadvantage is that petrol has a capability on reaching high temperatures so they put more stress on engine parts. There is more possibility of wear and tears of generators parts.

It requires more maintenance and repairing in short we can say that they do not live a long life. So we can say that diesel engine is more durable.

Their last con is that they cannot bear more loads for longer period so they are fail in the construction industry.


Well! If you have a closer look on both engines pros and cons then you will get to know that both have a closer match.

But it’s very clear if you are buying a generator for industrial purpose or want to run heavy loads via generator then diesel fuel as a main engine should be your first choice. But if you are buying generator for running smaller appliances like power outages for shorter period then petrol generator is a good option. Hope the above pros and cons helps you in choosing the right kind of choice for your generator.

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