NEWS Main Propulsion Engine for Ships – Pros & Cons

Main Propulsion Engine for Ships – Pros & Cons

Nov 14, 2020

Is there any Future of main propulsion engine in Ships?

Simple Definition of Main Propulsion Engine

Main propulsion engine function is to turn the ship propeller; it is responsible in the movement of ship via water. Mostly they utilize diesel or heavy fuel oil; it’s up to you which type of fuel generator you buy.

These days dual functionality of generators are also available you can easily switch to another fuel type also. Continue to read below, we are going to put shed to its brief intro.


Main propulsion engine plays an important role in the shipping industry. But it requires huge amount of cost to perform its operation. Though it requires more cost but it plays an important role in providing more efficiency. As we all knows that everything comes up with few advantages as well as disadvantages, so here it goes same with main propulsion engine. It is highly efficient and gives maximum power by utilizing minimum resources but it creates a huge amount of air pollution which is not really good.

Besides air pollution, it is one of the best alternatives to try these days.

Structure of main Propulsion Electric System

Electric propulsion system is composed of prime mover. There are further two types of prime mover.

First one is Diesel Driven and other one is Turbine Driven. Both have its own advantages. They both produce a small amount of pollution when you compare it with conventional marine propulsion system.

Conventional marine propulsion system is also good but it burns huge amount of oil which became the reason of more pollution in surroundings.

Large Motors are attached with propeller shaft. These motors can be AC or DC according to the needs. These motors are called propulsion motors.

Ship generator and prime mover assembly is responsible to provides power to propulsion motors.

Operation of Main Propulsion Engine

main propulsion engine

Generators are mostly composed of diesel or steam driven prime movers which can be AC or DC according to the demands of the customer. Well! Mostly the electric motors that have variable speed are used for fixed pitch propeller system. On the other hand constant or variable pitch propeller system is responsible to utilized CPP.

Main propulsion engine wide usage has been found in small vessels but as technology is growing, 90 percent shipping industry is utilizing it for big size vessels also.

Future of Main Propulsion Engine

Seems like, it has promising future in the shipping industries. Main propulsion engine is designed to increase overall efficiency, and reducing the carbon footprints.

But we all know that everything comes with few drawbacks also. So we cannot have an idea whether it will work or not in the future but we can rely on its pros and cons.

Most common types of prime movers attached to it are Shaftline Propulsion and Pod Propulsion. First let me explain, Shaftline Propulsion.

Shaftline Propulsion:

As you can have an idea by its name that shaft plays the main role in rotating a propeller. This shaft is connected with reduction gear and high speed motor. For this purpose both asynchronous and synchronous motors performs its function. Now we are going to put some shed into the second type which is pod Propulsion.

Pod Propulsion:

This type is form by the composition of steering and propeller system. This type is setup in the conventional propeller. It contains an electric motor which is mounted into the inner surface of pod. When it comes to propeller they are directly connected to it.

Pod propeller is responsible to rotate it to 360 angles which create easiness for ships so that they can have ahead and astern control.

In order to maintain the rotation of pod, slip rings are utilized to provide power from motor to pod.

Advantages of Main Engine Propulsion


Disadvantages of Main propulsion engine

Aside advantages, it has disadvantages also.

If we see its advantages then we predict that its disadvantages are very low so it will not be a bad idea if you invest on buying Main propulsion generator. We can definitely say that it will have a bright future.

Though it will require more money in the initial investment but the final results will be amazing. Are you looking for the best place to buy Main propulsion engine generator? If yes you are at the best place. Continue to read the below content and know about the best place to buy Main propulsion generator.

Best place to buy Main propulsion Generator

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