NEWS Marine Diesel Generator Manufacturer: Cost & Features

Marine Diesel Generator Manufacturer: Cost & Features

Dec 16, 2021

How to choose a power generator?

A current marine diesel generator manufacturer makes a machine capable of converting a certain source of energy, mechanical, chemical, light or thermal, into electrical energy. These tools are very useful for those who frequent places where there is no electricity.

Marine Diesel Generator Manufacturer

Going on a camping holiday, organizing a fair, working in places where the electricity arrives badly, or simply providing an itinerant service, are activities.  These would be difficult, if not impossible, without the use of this device.

 There are different types of generators, different for:

  1. the fuel used to produce energy
  2. the power delivered
  3. the rotation speed
  4. the frequency stability and the noise levels

So, how to choose the marine diesel generator manufacturer best suited for your needs? First of all, you need to know the power required for use and select the type of fuel you prefer.


Before orienting on a specific choice, it is good to learn how to calculate the type of power that the current generator must deliver to power the instrument to be connected.

Necessary power = air conditioner (2000 Watt) X starting coefficient (3) = 6000 Watt.

In the indicative example shown, the generator chosen must have a minimum power of 6000 Watts to power the air conditioner.


There are mainly three types of generators, based on the fuel used: petrol, diesel or LPG.

Petrol model: ideal for occasional use, they are generally the cheapest generators.eg4550a_4The initial expense, however, is offset by the cost of fuel which is not too convenient.

The petrol engine is able to work at very high levels, and is more complex than diesel engines. Marine diesel generator manufacturer states this.  This factor could lead to a breakdown of the appliance, subjected to greater effort.

What advantages marine diesel generator bring?

This type of fuel has the advantage of being easily available. We must not underestimate it. It is an explosive and flammable material and storing it in cans can be dangerous.

These are an example of a lead-free unleaded petrol generator. With powerful head valve motor and narrow alternator (IP23) they have a high reliability and are suitable for industrial use. You can choose the generator with the power you need.

Diesel model:

Marine diesel generator manufacturer is suitable for more intensive use thanks to the affordable fuel cost. The initial investment is certainly more demanding than gasoline generators, but in the long term the costs are greatly reduced.

Diesel engines are more reliable and do not require too much maintenance, but they manage to perform a lower working regime. Diesel is a flammable material, but not explosive, which is why it is safer to keep in the tank even for medium-long periods. The only flaw is that devices of this type are noisier than those that use petrol.

Gas model: less common, but undoubtedly with numerous advantages. Power costs are the lowest and at the same time the device is able to consume less fuel. This type of generating sets is also more ecological, with almost non-existent exhaust gases and not too unpleasant fumes emitted.


Depending on the use to be made of the generator, it is a good idea to choose it carefully also based on two other parameters: rotation speed and frequency stability.

The speed of rotation, or simply the revolutions that the engine can complete in one minute, is measured in RPM. Generators at 60 Hz (Hertz) typically operate at rotation speeds between 1800 and 3600 RPM.

1800 RPM devices are more complex and structurally larger, four-pole machines suitable for more intensive and continuous use over time. The 3600 RPM generators, on the other hand, are two-pole, simpler appliances that require less maintenance. If you want to use the current generator is occasional and not very intense, these machines are the most suitable.

How much power diesel generator produce?

If there is the need to power a computer, a stereo, or any instrument with an electronic card, be careful, because they could be damaged. The current that is supplied by a generator is not as stable as the domestic one.

Choosing a device with Inverter technology is advisable in these cases. The inverter is able to control and quantify the energy delivered, in order to accelerate or minimize the power required. It also optimizes the operation of the generator and reduces its consumption.

Marine diesel generator manufacturer proposes small and easy to transport, but at the same time very useful and effective for powering sensitive electronic devices. .

Marine Diesel Generator Manufacturer 2021

The frequency stability of a generator is another factor to consider. It is best to choose a device that maintains frequency fluctuations to less than ± 0.5Hz for alternating current loads. Popular generator sets have a specified frequency stability of 5%.


The more traditional devices are very noisy, and therefore also problematic from a legislative point of view. Due to excessive urban noise pollution, regulations have been issued that prohibit exceeding a certain noise threshold, which is harmful to the human ear.

Choosing marine diesel generator manufacturer is the best option to avoid running into health problems and avoid unpleasant recalls.

The product line has a diverse capacity from 2kva to 500kva, suitable for households, offices, hotels, mini supermarkets, factories, factories...

Why are diesel generators preferred over gasoline generators?

How much does a diesel generator cost?

– The price of diesel generators depends on the specifications and incentives of the manufacturer.

+ Distribution price and retail price: Normally, the price of generator distribution to agents will be lower than the retail price in the market.

+ Generator parameters: Depending on the capacity, specifications, fuel of the machine and the manufacturer's brand, there will be different prices and differences.

+ Promotions of the company: As usual, every year there will be different programs and incentives.

+ Dealer promotions: In addition to the company's promotions, the distribution agents also have many promotions and gifts for each diesel generator product.


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