NEWS MTU generator for sale: 8 Facts You Must read

MTU generator for sale: 8 Facts You Must read

Nov 08, 2021

At the moment, more and more people ensure their energy independence by installing a MTU generator for sale at their facility. Reliable and independent power supply neutralizes problems with constant absence or rolling blackouts. Light, warmth and comfort in your home all the time is an attainable reality.

MTU generator for sale

By installing the generator at your facility, the electricity in your home will be under your control. Often, our clients cannot figure out on their own which diesel generator is suitable for their facility. In this article, we will look at a few basic points that will greatly help you when purchasing equipment.

How to select a good MTU generator for sale?

So, let's take a look: what parameters for the correct selection of diesel generator sets for your facility must be taken into account: One of the very first and basic points is the power of the electrical installation. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the number of consumers that will be connected to the MTU generator for sale and powered by it.

Next, you need to find out the power consumption of each electrical appliance. It is not necessary to add these values, since these readings of the instruments are not common by all at the same time.  We need to clarify the coefficients of inrush currents of electrical equipment.

The next, but not least, step is the type of power grid. For the correct selection and further correct operation of the station, it is necessary to know the voltage common at the facility (single-phase 220 V, or three-phase 380 V).

Why emergency situation creates while using MTU generator?

First of all, it depends on the equipment common, which will be powered by the diesel generator set. Often, all household appliances are designed to operate on a 220 (230) V mains, but there are a lot of electrical equipment and devices that operate on a 380 (400) V three-phase network (compressors, motors, pumps, etc.).

If we have made up our minds and there are no three-phase consumers, then it makes no sense to take a three-phase MTU generator for sale.

Firstly, for a number of models they will be more expensive, and secondly, without special calculations and correct connection of single-phase consumers to a three-phase generator, significant phase imbalance and emergency situations are possible.

How the generator design matters?

Diesel generators are present in different versions: open (on a frame), in a casing, in a container, or in a mini-container. The choice of execution directly depends on the future place of installation and operation.

If you have a separate room, a house, an annex, then you can consider options for open generators. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the presence of heating and ventilation. MTU generator for sale in a casing and in a container can easily place outside in any place of your choice.

What are the methods to start MTU generator for sale?

Diesel generators are standardly equipped with an electric start (electric start) - the generator is started by a person by turning a key and / or pressing a button.

To automate the process (when the main electrical network fails, a signal is sent to start the diesel generator and it starts automatically within a few seconds), an automatic control unit (ATS) is installed - the second degree of automation.

What would be the size of the fuel tank?

The duration of the DGS operation without refueling directly depends on the volume of the fuel tank. The larger the tank, the longer the cycle time will be of MTU generator for sale.

For example, if an electric generator is common as a reserve source of energy, literally, for a few hours before the start of the resource supply through the central power grid, then a tank of 10-12 liters will be quite enough.

MTU generator for sale 2021

Longer operation of the power plant will be provided by a spacious tank. For clarity, let's give an example: if the electricity consumption is 9.8 l / h, then 84 liters of diesel fuel will be enough for 8.5 hours of operation. This is enough for one work shift to operate power tools and equipment in a production workshop.

Having decided on these basic points, you can proceed to the direct selection of a model (brand) of a MTU generator for sale. Today, a huge number of options present on the Russian market.

What are gasoline generators and what are their advantages?

They differ in rather compact dimensions and have less weight than diesel counterparts. Similarly, it is due to which they are easy to assemble and transport, not whimsical in technical maintenance. Components for such generators are usually cheaper.  Therefore, the cost of the power plants themselves is lower than units operating on other fuels.

The noise level of the gasoline generator is also significantly lower. The exhaust is less harmful than diesel. They are easy to place near buildings, or even inside residential buildings. It is also worth noting that gasoline is more versatile when operating MTU generator for sale at low temperatures.

What are the disadvantages of gasoline generators?

Of the cons it is worth highlighting that the service life of gasoline generators is usually lower than the service life of a diesel generator similar in power. This means that such a generator will last less.

Gasoline-powered power plants produce only low and medium power. Moreover, this does not allow them to use for facilities with high energy demand.  In addition, gasoline generators are less economical than diesel ones. Moreover, the amount of fuel consumed with the same BG load is 30% higher than diesel.

It should note that gasoline is a flammable fuel, and in the event of an accidental spill, it can form flammable vapors. The power of gasoline-fueled generators covers the needs of: small businesses, installation companies, country houses.

What are diesel generators (DG)?

MTU generator for sale woks on diesel distinguishes by a high motor resource of a diesel engine. We can study operating on other types of fuel. (This means that, all other things being equal, the number of operating hours of a diesel generator will be higher - and the installation will last longer).

This feature makes it possible to use the equipment for continuous operation - as an aspen (or backup) power source.


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