Parallel control panel for Sale Pros & Cons

Parallel control panel for Sale Pros & Cons

Nov 17, 2021

What is parallel control panel?

What is an inverter generator parallel control panel for sale? Buy a conventional or inverter power plant? What is the difference and is the purchase justified?

Many of our clients, before buying a portable gasoline or diesel generator, try to independently delve into the technical intricacies of various models and brands.

This is the most correct approach, because the saying:  "If you want to do something well, do it yourself!" remains relevant to this day.

Technical advantages and disadvantages of parallel control panel for sale

Studying forums and articles where equipment options, technical advantages and disadvantages of certain brands are discussed, many additional questions arise.

Parallel control panel for Sale

Inverter generator control panels are portable power plants with an average rated power of up to 7-8 kW. They are also often referred to as digital, as they use various complex electronic circuits to generate the highest quality current. The most common inverter generator control panel models usually have a small power rating of up to 5 kW.

Parallel control panel for sale low noise level

Such power plants are small and many models are made in a soundproof streamlined casing. Inverter Parallel control panel for sale have become reliable assistants for lovers of an active lifestyle, they are convenient to take on any tourist trip, fishing and when going out into the countryside.

The low noise level does not distract from pleasant activities at all, and the minimal dimensions allow you to take it on any trip.

Parallel control panel for sale required for temporary or permanent operation

An inverter power plant is a good solution when an autonomous power supply is required for temporary or permanent operation. Of course, this information is true.

The principle of operation of an inverter power plant is based on the so-called double conversion.

This scheme gives an almost perfect sinusoid, which does not exceed 2-2.5%. Additionally, a feedback loop is located at the output, which controls the frequency stability and voltage quality. Thanks to this solution, the engine speed monitor depends on the load.

 Quality of the output voltage of Parallel control panel for sale

So, let's summarize the intermediate result - the quality of the output voltage of an inverter power plant is much higher compared to a conventional Parallel control panel for sale.

Let's look at a simple example: We have a 4-kW generator and we connect a load to it, for example 2 kW. The inverter power plant will automatically adjust to the load and will operate at 50% less mode.

This will help to significantly save fuel (up to 30-40%), the engine will not work in tears, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on its trouble-free operation and at low engine revolutions the noise level will be much less, which is quite logical.

Accordingly, when the load increases, the revolutions will increase automatically in direct proportion.

What about a conventional generator?

What about a conventional generator? Now, almost all modern generators are equipped with an automatic speed control system (AVR), which works according to the same principle - automatic control of the power plant speed depending on the connected load.

Output: If, when choosing a Parallel control panel for sale, an important parameter is the ability to save fuel due to automatic speed control, then inverter models do not have any special advantages. But when the question comes to the quality of the output voltage, then the inverter is the undisputed leader here.

Which appliances, equipment need a Parallel control panel for sale?

But for which appliances, equipment and power tools you need an inverter generator control panel with ideal current quality? There is no definitive answer. Everyone decides for himself how much this or that option is necessary.

I would like to note that conventional modern models of power plants, which show excellent output parameters, are excellent for household use of a generator as a backup power source. In most cases, it is not at all necessary to stop at inverter models and you can get by with the usual ones.


The main advantages of inverter power plants

High quality current

The constantly developing market for sophisticated equipment and electrical appliances increases their cost due to the use of complex electronic components that are sensitive to the quality of current. Often, any voltage swings are detrimental to them. Expensive equipment (TVs, computers, telephones, etc.) needs a stable electric current.

Moreover, Good fuel economy

The Parallel control panel for sale only consumes the required amount of fuel.

Small size and weight

Convenient for transportation and fits into the trunk of any car

Low noise level

The noise shield of the power plant will protect your hearing from unpleasant engine noise and create a comfortable environment when using the unit.

Resistance to external factors

The degree of protection of such Parallel control panel for sale corresponds to the value of IP23.

Main disadvantages of Parallel control panel for sale:

  1. High price. Due to the design features and the use of "smart" equipment inside - inverter Parallel control panel for salewill cost much more than the usual "classics".
  2. Minimum choice.  In any case, finding a suitable generator will not be difficult.
  3. Power limitation. Inverter models are available in a power range of up to 7-8 kW.
    Parallel control panel for Sale 2021

Parallel control panel for sale: following subcategories:

1) Low-power. Generators with rated power from 1 to 3 kW. They have the smallest overall dimensions and weight within 10 kg.

2) Medium power. Generators with rated power from 3 to 5 kW.  Convenient to carry power plants weighing up to 90 kg. They usually have a wheelbase and comfortable handles that fit into a regular car.

3) Maximum power. Parallel control panel for sale with rated power from 6 to 8 kW. Furthermore, they have significant dimensions and weight over 100 kg.  Similarly, they can provide energy to large objects.

Where are inverter generator control panels commonly used?

Today we will consider several such questions, namely: "What is an inverter Parallel control panel for sale? How is it different from the usual one? Do I need it?


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