NEWS Portable Gasoline Generator: 7 Outstanding Benefits

Portable Gasoline Generator: 7 Outstanding Benefits

Jan 14, 2022

In addition to routine maintenance, it is always advisable to carry out some checks even before each ignition; the practice of these simple operations, usually reported in the user manuals or in the technical manuals of the products, allows a correct and efficient use of the portable gasoline generator and protects the devices that will be connected to it from any damage or malfunctions.

Maintenance of the portable gasoline generator

One of the recurring operations for ordinary maintenance and necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of the power generators is the oil change. In this case we can consider the single-phase diesel generator, but the procedure is similar for many generator sets, even of different types.

Portable Gasoline Generator

Replacing of The Fuel Filter:

Replacement fuel filter for portable gasoline generator

If you're thinking about buying or renting a portable gasoline generator, chances are that some doubts have arisen, right? What is the most suitable power, the benefits that the equipment can bring, but, beyond that, which is the most recommended: diesel or gasoline generator?

Exactly to answer this question that today's text deals with. Although the two have the same function, they both differ in many ways. Continue reading this content and discover the main ones. Check it out below!

The importance of having a power generator

A generator set, regardless of whether it is a diesel or gasoline generator, makes all the difference for companies looking for a good alternative to prevent damage caused by a power outage.

The equipment helps to maintain employee productivity, in the case of supermarkets and pharmacies, it helps to preserve food and products, not to mention the opportunity to save energy bills, especially during peak hours (between 6 pm and 9 pm).

Portable Gasoline Generator 2022

Main differences between diesel and portable gasoline generator

Gasoline generator

This model is known for having a smaller size, which is why it is suitable for small works, homes, small businesses and places that do not need the generator to remain working in case of emergency, such as, for example, lack of utility. After all, this type of fuel, when idle for a long time, can cause equipment failure.

In addition, the portable gasoline generator is not recommended for automatic operation, being normally sold in up to 12 kva of power. Among its advantages are:

Diesel Generator 

Diesel generators, on the other hand, have greater power, which is why they are essential for places that need continuous energy, such as: supermarkets, hospitals, drive-in events, concerts, commerce, industry and shows.

The diesel generator set is much more robust, providing reliability for all types of applications. Their power varies between 8 kva and 2,500 kva, so they are designed for automatic operation, for emergency and peak hours.

 Benefits of the diesel generator:

Another of the diesel generator's differentials is that, as it does not have spark plugs and a carburetor, its lubrication has a lower demand. And to ensure that its useful life will be longer, it is essential to carry out preventive maintenance frequently.

But, after all, which is the ideal generator?

To sum up, both generator sets are great. However, when choosing the ideal equipment, it is necessary to assess the needs of the space where it will be installed and for which situations. Whether the generator is diesel or gasoline, they are all able to meet the demand of each environment, providing more comfort, agility and productivity.

But, always remember:

Portable gasoline generator:

These generators indicate for sporadic use, especially for small works and places where they do not need emergency automatic operation.

Diesel generator: recommended for environments with a constant demand for energy and which cannot suffer from the damage caused by the power outage by the concessionaire, and for automatic operation in emergency and peak hours.

Diesel or Gasoline Generators at Intlvictory Generators

Intlvictory has both models of equipment for rent or sale. All of them revised and with the quality that only Intlvictory generators have. All this due to our specialized team, trained and focused on services and solutions.

Purchasing a diesel or gasoline generator here is to be sure of a quality product, with a guarantee and the necessary support in case of any unforeseen event. Our equipment is made to meet any demand in your establishment, helping to increase productivity and reduce electricity consumption when used at peak hours.

Summary portable gasoline generator

Count on the experience of someone who has been in the sector for over 15 years. Are you looking for a diesel or portable gasoline generator? Contact us and find out more information on how to buy one of our equipment. Our team is ready to serve you.

Similarly, we are committed to meet your energy requirements. We have a range of popular generator brands and supply globally. You can go through our brand section online and drop your request. We can assist you the best model according to your needs.


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