NEWS Power Generator – How to Choose Best One?

Power Generator – How to Choose Best One?

Oct 30, 2020

Amazing Tips: How to Buy the Best Power Generator

As we all knows that incase of shortage of power, in winter season we all took out the blankets, candles and lamps. But if you have installed power generator in your home, trust us you have to do nothing, just go and start the generator and again start living your life as you were living before. Your mental peace will not be disturb at all, because of power shortage many working woman’s got disturb because those woman have stored their cooked meals for weekdays in refrigerator.  But the problem arise when all the food in the freezer spoiled because of shortage of power.

Many people don’t want to go out for starting generator, if you don’t want to miss a beat then we recommend you to install a permanent generator or portable one with auto start feature. Installing them will auto start the generator when power goes out? Do you want to know few amazing tips to choose good power generator? If yes continue to read the below content.

Amazing Tips for Choosing Portable Power Generators

Most sellable generators are the portable one, but before buying you have to look into few best things that will help you to choose the best generator.

Portable generators are famous because of its flexibility and features but selecting the best one can be confusing especially when the person is new in buying it.

You will find many portable power generators in the market but each one is different from other one based on features. You can differentiate them on the basis of types of starts, fuel and many options for fuel control.

Only an educated person can place an order for good generator. We are going to list down few design & electrical features that will help you in differentiating the best power generator.

Portable Power Generators are the one that can move easily from one place to another. It produce electricity by propane, gasoline or oil. But many people give the name of portable generator to inverter generator because they are light weight and easy to pick from one place to another.


Power Generator Size

Few people thinks that generator size can be measured via dimensions but they are totally at mistaken its size can be measure by its power. Those Portable Power generators that works on fuels usually provides electricity up to 2000 watt, 2000-7000 watts.

But if you are looking for very light weight generator then buy only generator which is powered by 2000 watt which is lighter in weight and person can easily carry it via hand.

Such generators mostly comes in 65 to 75 ponds. But if you have a look upon generator dimensions then you will get to know that power generators comes in different dimensions. Usually we have seen such models that can be lifted by hand from one place to another or few of them has been seen on carts with wheels.

In short we can say that the more power generator have generator dimension will be more. If you are in the search of most heavy generators then we must tell you that they comes in 200 ponds to 300 ponds sizes. Such generators comes in protective design that have tires which can never be flat.

User Friendly Design

After having an idea that how much power will be needed for generator simply navigate to start exploring the design of it.

With size design is also important for portable power generator. In the above section you can have an idea that power has a lot of impact on the generator design. If the generator is powered by more power automatically its design will bigger in size.

If you are going for camping trips then look for only small generator that can be carried easily. One easily kept those generators into the car without any effort. These smaller generators are best for charging electrical devices for example, laptops, cameras, mobiles etc.

Solar power generators is another good alternative for such trips. Best part about these generators is that they are free of messy wires and cords. It requires very low space to be fit.

It is best to provide good amount of power for small devices but it cannot run the big house like office etc.  Generators that seems like wheel cart are best to utilize for RV. If you are looking for some power that can fridge or TV then this can be the best option.

Best thing to look into the generator is to pay close attention to its movable design, first make sure that its wheels must be sturdy and handle must have a comfy grip.

If the heavy and bigger portable generators have wheels to move then make sure wheels must be strong to carry the bigger portable generator weight.

Some designs weight is 250 ponds so it will not be easier to carry such generators simply find such one that associated with wheels.

Weight and Backup

Backup generator can plays an important role in keeping you safe from emergency.  As we knows that for home we don’t move generators from one place to another so for such places it should be fixed on one point. Doing this can reduce the weight issues and one can easily utilize it with zero tension. But make sure it must be placed almost 10 feet far from home, because carbon monoxide is very poisoning for health.

Running vs. Surge Power

There are two types’ powers that usually measured in watts. First type is called running and second type is called surge. Second name of running power is called ratted watt. In short we can say that it is the capacity of generator.

The second name of surge power is starting watt. As we all knows that electrical equipment’s need more power as compared to other devices. In order to provide this much power generators have surge power but it can be utilized for few seconds.

How much power will be required by a Power Generator?

Run Time of a Power Generator

Here we are going to give example that how runtime of power generator can be count? If generator is powered by 2000 watts & load is 1000 watt, it can work for eight hours.

Runtime is measured in watt per hour WH. But make sure we are talking about solar generators as they have no fuel tanks, so run time depends on appliances loads.

If the sky is clear or with zero clouds the sun heat will be high and it produce more charging.

Hope all of the above tips will be helpful for you to choose the best generator for yourself. Make sure to find all of the above features carefully when purchasing for a generator.

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