NEWS Safety Tips to use a Victory Power Generator

Safety Tips to use a Victory Power Generator

Jan 08, 2021

Few Tips to Use Victory Power Generator Safely at Home

Well in order to deal with sudden power outages. Portable generator from Victory Power Generator plays an important role in safely generating power. It is a best option especially when the grid goes down by some natural disaster or man-made cause. You can power all your appliances by making use of it.

If you are new to using generator or NEWLY experienced there are still few things that you must have to know before operating generator. These things or tips will go to guide you through extra security.

Hope you remember the saying by Kevin Cole, he said “The single biggest thing you can do to run a generator safely is plan how to use your generator before you need it,”. You would better to make a plan that how you are going to use the generator.

So in this Article we are going to introduce a plan that will gives you 100% extra security and will keep your things safer. So continue to read this Article and knows about the safety precautionary measures.

Electrical Safety

The very first thing that you have to consider is electrical safety.

1: Size Matter

Few people don’t consider it seriously but incorrect size can create lot of trouble for you. We highly recommend you to size the generator correctly so that it can meet the electrical load. If you did not manage to keep the generator under size then there might be possibility that it can damage the well pump or small computer.

2: Transfer Switch

Second important thing that you have to consider is transfer switch. The best method to power home items by using portable generator is to use it in conjunction along a manual transfer switch.

Usually transfer switch is been connect with a thick heavy duty cable which is known as genset cord. Power produced by generator flow with the help of genset cord to the receptacle, through interior cable, to the transfer switch and its circuit breaker to the various circuits in order to bring extra safety so make sure that you have been using an Automatic transfer switch.

What is the main role of Automatic transfer switch?

Automatic transfer switch plays an important role in isolating the circuit in the house that you want to power and all other circuits are left without power. Doing this actually plays an important role in preventing overloading.

Another plus point of installing transfer switch is that it isolates the generator and the house from the grid. If you manage to install it then you don’t have to face any sparking fire, or also keep safe the utility personal from getting injuries.

It also prevents flowing of current to house incase generator caught up any fire or get malfunction

3: Make use of Heavy Duty Cords

Incase if you have not a budget friendly pocket to install automatic transfer switch. There is a possibility to safely operate appliances directly into the generator. Simply you have to use long extension cord by powering refrigerator, power tools & computers.

But you have to make sure that these cables should be heavy duty & thick enough wire gauge. Heavy duty wires will help to manage the flow of current effectively.

Best part of this cord is that on its packaging it is mention that how much you can put electrical load on it. If you want to use the cord for powering heater then in this case high voltage can melt the cord so you would better to use the cord in an effective manner.

The best option to use the cord is here; first of all you have to start the generator and plug the cord into it, go inside and then plug the load into the extension cord. In case of disconnecting repeat the same process but in the opposite way for example first of all unplug the load, after unplugging, go in and then unplug the cord, at the end shut down the Victory Power Generator.

4: A simple guide to use a Ground Rod

We will strongly recommend you that in case when you plugging load directly to Victory Power Generator by making use of extension cord then make sure not to connect a generator with ground rod.

Here is a simple example that will help you in better understanding. If you are using a generator to power something as large as 240 volt air conditioner then we highly recommend you to make use of 6-8 gauge wire ground.

CO safety

As we all knows very well that generator produce a large amount of carbon mono-oxide. We will again recommend you strongly not to use Victory Power Generator in garage, utility building, in the basement. This is for safety precautions because carbon monoxide can become deadly for you.


Victory Power Generator few models are designed in such a way that they shut itself down before carbon monoxide crosses the expected measurement. But such generators are bit expensive. For buying them first you have to make your pocket budget friendly and then place an order for it. But investing into such Victory Power Generator is a worth investment. It is a good option for bringing extra security into your home.

Fuel Quality

Yes fuel quality also brings safety. We highly recommend you don’t refuel a hot generator, also make sure don’t refuel it in the presence of heater. If you manage to follow these precautions then you are good to go.

Another thing that you must have to keep in your mind that doesn’t keep the fuel tank near generator. In case of little fire spark you can face a high explosion.

Another thing that you have to keep in your mind that muffler on a generator is very hot even it has a capability to melt the plastic. So make sure to follow these guidelines in order to prevent the surrounding from high explosion.

Fuel Supply care

If you are one of those who manage to buy fuel in bulks then we recommend you highly to make use of fuel stabilizer. If you use it then it will helps in slowing the fuel chemical degradation.

Yes! Fuel that has been chemically deteriorated can leave residue which brings lot of trouble in the generator start up.

Weather Safety

Now a day’s people are so much conscious about their devices so they mostly keep their victory power generator away from wind, rain & snow. If you want to keep them in the shelter then we recommend you highly to keep it in the place where you can see clearly 5 foot air space from generator surrounding area. If you manage to do this then this tip will prevent your generator from over heating. It also helps in reducing the risk of catching fire.

Conclusion - Victory Power Generator

So these were the basic safety precautions that every generator buyer has to keep in mind for bringing extra security in the surrounding.

If you want to buy high quality weatherproof and soundproof efficient generators then you are at the right place. Victory Power Reliable has decades of experience in producing world’s best generator. We have been awarded by multiple international awards for manufacturing highly durable, efficient and reliable generators.

Our prices are also affordable if you want to know more about our products then make a call at +86 135 9276 9969 / +86 135 8094 6676. You can also leave an email or admin@intlvictory.comOur team will guide you and help you in choosing high quality victory power generator for powering your items.


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