NEWS Silent Generator – Minimize the Noise Emission

Silent Generator – Minimize the Noise Emission

Dec 09, 2020

Everything You Need to Know about Silent Generator

In this era, we people are very conscious about air pollution as well as noise pollution. As we all knows that now generator is very important for our lives in case of power outages but all the older versions comes up with a huge noise. But with time its demand has been also increased. It is not only limited to commercial purpose but also playing an important role for construction as well as industrial purpose. So the question is that how can overcome to noise pollution? Today we are going to explain about silent generator that how we can overcome noise pollution.

In this era, manufacturer have introduced silent generators, it is one the modern innovation of this era. Do you want to know more about this Silent generator; from its size to model we are here to explain everything about it. Let’s continue to read below and know more about silent generator.

It’s been a long time, manufacturer of genset industry were trying to produce such equipment that creates small effects of noise pollution. Not even the larger brands but the smaller brands were also investing in R & D & I in order to fulfill this new requirement of the people. Now finally they are succeed in making silent generators.

Even this sector was fully forced in order to produce such equipment’s that have a capability of creating low emission.  Before explain about silent generator first of all we want to put shed to the main things that is actually the reason of noise in generators.

Generator Components that creates noise

Here are six main things that is the reason of noise, lets read about them.

Engine Noise

The very first reason of noise is engine, this noise is actually happens because of mechanical & combustion forces. It ranges usually start from 100 db A to 121 db A. It can be more also depending on the size of engine. More the engine size larger the noise.

Cooling Fan

Second main thing that is the reason of noise in generator is cooling fan. Few people think cooling fan is responsible for cooling down the engine and prevent generator from overheating, yes this is true but at the same time it is responsible for huge noise. When air passes by engine and radiator at high speed then it creates a huge noise. Range of noise is not same it can be sometimes more or can be low also but the main range that have been found varies from 100 db A to 105 db A. This range has been found up to 1meter. Though this range is a bit low as compared to engine noise but still it is playing its role in increasing generator noise.


Yes! Alternator is the 3rd thing that is responsible for creating noise. Such type of noise is produced by the friction of cooling air and the brushes. Alternator noise range has been found 80 db A to 90 db A from one meter. This range is acceptable and very low as compared to the engine as well as cooling fan noise.


Inductive is 4th thing for noise, it happens because of the fluctuations in the current in the winding of alternator. It is responsible for producing mechanical noise ranges from 80 to 90 db A.

Engine Exhaust

There are two types of exhaust in the engine, first one is exhaust muffler another one is standard muffler.

If your generator has been equipped by exhaust muffler then the noise will be high and ranges from 120 db A to 130 db A. But if it is equipped by standard muffler then the noise will be reduced to 15 db A. But both are giving its contribution in output noise.

Structural Noise

Such type of noise usually occurs because of mechanical vibration when different parts collapse with each other this becomes the reasons of sound.

There are few more characteristics that can affect the noise like type of engine, the number of revolutions, and the last type of cooling.

Few more things that affects Noise

We have personally done a research and found out that gasoline engine is quitter as compared to diesel engine. We have also found out that spin speed of 1500 rmp is quieter than 3000 rmp. A water cooled engine is also very noisy as compared to air cooled.

So these were basic things that are the reason of noise in generator. Hope this guide helped you in understanding more about the reasons behind generator noise. Now we are going to put shed to the designing and manufacturing process of silent generator let’s read it and know about how one can decreases the noise in generator.

Design and manufacturing process of Silent Generator


silent generator


Silent Generators are composed of special materials which is change from generator to generator according to the apparatus. This special material comes in series and plays an important role in absorbing the noise. They are also responsible for preventing noise from coming out of the generator.

This is why silent generator is responsible for creating pleasant ambiance in the surrounding. Though silent generators creates a bit noise but this limit fulfill the standards of wealth health organization. Its few of the models are completely soundproof but those are a bit expensive. The maximum limit that has been allowed by wealth health organization is 70 db. So it’s up to you which model you prefer to buy for yourself. Just make sure to buy the soundproof or silent generator with less than 70 db range from one meter.


As we all knows that very much exposure to noise can put you in lot of troubles. Few studied has shown that noise pollution can be the reason of insomnia, fatigue, stress and impaired hearing. Sleep disorder as well as memory loss is also caused by noise pollution. The more pleasant ambiance you have their will be more chances of relaxation.

Seven more Possibilities to reduce noise - Silent generator

There are few more things that can play an important role in reducing generator noise.

Many manufacturers are following these strategies, they sound attenuation cabinets, this single cabinet is a full package which is responsible not only for soundproof quality but it is also responsible for providing protection from worst weather.

This strategy allows amazing soundproofing and fulfills all the standards that have been set by WHO.

What is the most silent generator?

Well! Almost all brands out there have amazing range of silent generators but it is very tough to choose the quietest of all. But here we are going to tell one tip that will help you in choosing the quietest generator from all available models. Before placing an order we will recommend you to the check decibel quantity emitted from the generator. Check it and compare it with other models out there. By checking and comparing decibel quantity you will definitely be able to buy a most silent generator. You can also test the generator whether it is creating comfortable noise or damaging your ears.  Choose the one that you feel is comfortable with your ears. By doing these few simple tests you will have the best generator in your hands.

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