NEWS Should I buy small gasoline generator or diesel generator?

Should I buy small gasoline generator or diesel generator?

Jan 31, 2022

small gasoline generator
Customers buying generators often wonder whether to buy a small gasoline generator or diesel generator. The following article will highlight the difference between these two types of generators. At the same time, we will also give advice on whether to buy a diesel or gasoline generator.

A. Overview of gasoline and diesel generators

So Gasoline generator

Gasoline generators use gasoline-powered ICE internal combustion engines. Gasoline engines use spark plugs to ignite the fuel and air in the cylinders. This process generates work and heat and eventually generates an electric current.

Small gasoline generator for small capacity should be suitable for families or spaces with a moderate area.

Advantages of gasoline generators

Disadvantages of gasoline generators

  1. Diesel Generator

To know whether to buy a gasoline or diesel generator, consider a diesel generator.

Diesel generators also use ICE diesel-powered internal combustion engines. It is also the most popular generator fuel.

Comparing small gasoline generator and diesel generators, gasoline generators do not have spark plugs. Instead, equipped with a fuel injection system directly into the combustion chamber. Fuel combined with compressed air at high pressure will ignite and do work.

Advantages of diesel generators

Disadvantages of diesel generators

B. Compare small gasoline generator and diesel generators

This section of content helps readers have the most overview to decide whether to buy small gasoline generator or diesel generator.

  1. Same

The similarities between these two machines are not many. The biggest similarity is that they all use internal combustion engines.

There are different models of generator sets. Most of the generating sets of medium and large capacity run on diesel fuel. Generators with a smaller capacity usually run on gasoline.

So, what are the advantages of diesel generator sets compared to gasoline?

C. Should you buy small gasoline generator or diesel generator?

There is no such thing as a perfect machine. Therefore, whether to buy a diesel or gasoline generator depends on economic conditions, frequency of use and job requirements.

For gasoline generators: suitable for household appliances. If you don't have a lot of money or don't use it often, a gasoline generator is best. This machine will also be very suitable for families with young children and the elderly because of its low noise.

For diesel generators: the ability to operate continuously and stably for a long time. The operating capacity of the machine is high, with fewer errors than gasoline engines. Therefore, they are often called industrial generators and are used more in industries, factories, hospitals, construction sites, etc.

If you are inexperienced, you should consult those who have bought before or go directly to the store for advice. One should consult from many people and many different units to have a certain comparison.

Meaning of generator parameters

In order for a generator to maximize its efficiency, in addition to choosing a brand, you need to know the generator parameters. Understanding the specifications on the machine will be of great help to us in choosing to buy a generator that is suitable for our needs and for reasonable maintenance.

small gasoline generator 2022

So what are the important parameters of the generator? Let's find out through the article below!

Generator capacity represents an estimate of the amount of electricity the machine will consume during the month.

Choose the right small gasoline generator

Choosing the right capacity for use will avoid overloading when buying a generator with a small capacity; or avoid waste when buying generators with too large capacity. Choosing the right generator helps you balance your family's income and expenses; optimize machine performance. And save money for your family.

Usually, the manufacturer will provide 2 power indicators. It is standby power and continuous capacity. Continuous power is always less than standby power

Continuous capacity is the capacity of the machine capable of supplying continuously; Unlimited number of runs per year. With thoughtful processes and maintenance carried out as specified by the manufacturer. This capacity allows the machine to run continuously 24/24. Usually specified by the manufacturer, this capacity is intended for equipment with steady loads.

What should be the capacity?

Standby power of small gasoline generator is the maximum capacity the machine can handle under periodic operating conditions. Thereby the generators are able to provide the load in the event of a power failure; with periodic maintenance procedures. It is allowed to run the machine without exceeding 70% load within 24 hours.

The unit of power is KVA (according to world standards). In Viet Nam; KW is the unit of active power that is mentioned and used more often. KW= 0.8 KVA; 1 electricity = 1KW. Also you can calculate in units of horsepower Hp (horsepower), 1Hp = 0.745699872 KW.

1.2/ Fuel consumption norms of generators

The generator fuel consumption norm is simply understood as the amount of fuel that the engine will consume in a fixed period of time, usually the time will be calculated in hours.

Users who need to determine the load capacity for their families, businesses, units, agencies ... can refer to detailed instructions on the article we have posted earlier.

In addition to determining small gasoline generator capacity, users also prepare financial resources, but should also learn the fuel consumption of the generator.

The fuel consumption of the generator depends on many factors such as: The origin of the machine, the engine, the condition of the old or new machine, and the load capacity of the machine...


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