NEWS How to search a sound attenuated generator for sale?

How to search a sound attenuated generator for sale?

Nov 08, 2021

The advantage of sound attenuated generator for sale is the economy of fuel consumption (about 30% less than the gasoline equivalent), which significantly saves the owner's budget.  Diesel power plants are the most powerful representatives of all types of generators. And they easily meet the needs of large industries, construction and concert venues, and rest homes.

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It should be noted that diesel fuel does not evaporate in the event of an accidental spill and does not form flammable vapors, which makes the operation of the power plant quite safe, which is important near residential buildings.

Why sound attenuated generator for sale is better option?

Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting that diesel generators have a higher cost than sound attenuated generator for sale. DGs operate with a significantly higher noise level. It may not be convenient for operation near recreation sites.

DG exhaust is more harmful.  Moreover this makes it undesirable to operate the unit near inhabited buildings. For a diesel electrical installation, it is advisable to provide a separate technical room with an exhaust hood, or a container.

Diesel-powered generators are efficient at air temperatures up to -5 degrees. If the operation of the unit is meant during the cold season, then you should pay attention to the models with heated intake manifold, or install the unit in a heated room.

Why sound attenuated generator for sale is considered as an ideal?

Sound attenuated generator for sale is an ideal for:

We distinguish them by their environmental friendliness. Unlike their counterparts, they do not have harmful exhaust - they are safe for the environment and humans.

The main advantage of these generators is their durability and economic efficiency. Gas costs are 2-3 times lower than those of diesel and gasoline generators, which significantly save the owner's budget for refueling the generator.

How sound attenuated generator for sale is cost saving?

As a result of gas combustion in sound attenuated generator for sale, a precipitate does not form. It causes corrosion of the metal. Moreover, this allows the station to serve longer (on average by 25%) of analogues on liquid fuel.


The maintenance interval for gas generators is 2 times higher. It means that the owner will be able to save on the maintenance of the power plant. Gas does not change its state of aggregation in frost conditions, due to which it has no temperature restrictions for operation in the cold season.

Disadvantages of sound attenuated generator for sale

Of the cons of gas generators it is worth highlighting that due to the peculiarities of the legislation of the Russian Federation, gas power plants cannot be connected without special permission.

Due to the reduced demand as a result of the need to obtain documents, the Russian market for sound attenuated generator for sale does not abound in a variety of brands and models, unlike the market for gasoline and diesel stations.

Also, there are no super budget models on the market, and technical specialists who know the features of gas electrical installations may be difficult to access in small towns.

Important instructions to keep in mind for generator users

In this article, we will detail the common mistakes when refueling and power plant electric generators. We will also give a lot of practical advice!

Ø Refueling of generators

Do not fill the fuel tank to the top. From the beginning of the neck to the surface of the fuel, at least 2-2.5 cm of air must remain.

In the case of frequent pouring of fuel from one container of the sound attenuated generator for sale to another, it saturates with oxygen, which leads to its accelerated oxidation, and hence deterioration.

Therefore, you should not use gasoline that poure from somewhere. Filling the tank should only done in a well-ventilated area or outdoors.

Ø Clean fuel filters and screens regularly

During periods of prolonged downtime, it is advisable to drain the fuel from the tank back into the canister. Our engineers do not recommend leaving gasoline in the tank for a long time. Old fuel in the tank is a common reason for the failure of gas generators. After some time, the fuel begins to lose its qualities, decompose, evaporate and oxidize.

In addition, condensate, deposits and sediments begin to accumulate in the fuel system, which do not dissolve well in the fuel. Therefore, owners sound attenuated generator for sale advise to use only fresh fuel or at least add special stabilizer additives to gasoline, which will protect the fuel from loss of quality for a long time.

Ø Store fuel in small canisters

This will not only reduce the likelihood of fuel deterioration and oxidation during combustion, but also prevent gasoline spills or overflow that can occur when refueling from a heavy container with large dimensions.
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A metal container, buried or completely buried up to the level of the lid in the ground, is ideal for household storage of gasoline; such a buried tank in terms of fuel storage efficiency will not differ from the tanks that are common at filling stations.

Ø Before filling its engine is necessary first to cool

It is a common mistake to refuel a sound attenuated generator for sale after it has been running for several hours without interruption. This is a gross mistake our engineers warn! It is not good to pour a combustible substance over a red-hot engine, exhaust system and other components of the mini-power plant.

This is a matter of your personal safety; the fuel can simply boil and scald you and those who are nearby. Let the power plant cool down for at least 10-15 minutes and only then proceed with refueling and re-operation.

Why is ATS unit needed when installing a sound attenuated generator for sale?

One of the most frequent questions of our customers when buying a generator - Do I need an ATS unit? The answer is always simple.  Automatic input of a reserve for the generator is not a prerequisite for the normal operation of the power plant.

In sound attenuated generator for sale cases, the issue of automation rises squarely and requires a solution. It is precisely this task that successfully copes with by automatic input devices, which make it unnecessary for any person to participate in the backup power management.

Summary Sound attenuated generator for sale

You have installed a generator for yourself in a private house, cottage or country house. Most likely, the decision to install a backup power source is due to frequent blackouts and power outages. Let's say a power outage happened right now. Let's imagine how events can start to develop?


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