NEWS Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosures – How it Functions?

Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosures – How it Functions?

Nov 01, 2020

Sound Attenuated Generator Basics, Structure & Functionality

Day by day in 2020 civil & construction industry has been developed so much especially their work environments has been changed very much, in short you can say that noise levels has been reduced to very low because of utilizing Sound Attenuated Generator. If you compared this era industries work environment as compared to 40 years ago then you will be able to see a clear difference. We know it is hard to believe for you but this research is 100% accurate.

If you read out more researches then you will get to know that 90 percent civil engineers & construction engineers badly depends on diesel generator, because it is very economical and affordable machine to produce great amount of electricity.

Because of this power construction industry is growing it runs perfectly all the safety equipment’s.   But in this era this generator has been replaced with Sound Attenuated Generator. Today’s engine is more efficient, reliable and less noisy. Manufacturers has come up with recent changes Sound Attenuated Generator those changes have completely changed the generator. Especially its design is very appreciable and user-friendly.

Sound Attenuated Generator Overview:

AS we all knows very well that in factories big engines works to get small machine into action in case of low power but the main problem causes by industries is the loud noise. Well a short definition of a sound wave is that when any disturbance occur it propagate itself into elastic medium, it can be liquid, solid or gas.  Doesn’t matter which type of matter is, it works same for all. Other definition of noise is any unwanted sound that irritates human ear is known as noise. People not believe that but its 100 percent true that continues loud noise can affect human ears badly, or can be the reason of hear loss. Few people don’t take noise pollution seriously but it can create very hazardous environment.

sound attenuated generator

How loud Generators should be?

Here I am going to explain you by an example, 50kW generator that runs on diesel can create a noise of 85 dB. Well! This level is perfect for human ears, one can easily hear such noise or you can say that 85 dB usually comes from the traffic noise so it is acceptable if the generator is equipped with such power.

Always keep in mind that greater the power, bigger the noise. If we research upon on bigger engine like 1500 kW generator then we gets to know that it creates a sound of get engine flying 1000 feet above on the sky. We all know that it will be disturbing to neighbors and comes in the list of violating regulations.

You are not only disturbing your surrounding but you are creating hazardous environment to your employees.  Well! If you are one of those whom installing a generator is their first priority because your business cannot run without it then we recommend you highly to install a Sound Attenuated Generator, it will not only create a good environment for neighbors but will also be good for your employees.

Installing it will not disturb your loved ones mental peace, we recommend it highly to all that must install Sound Attenuated Generator don’t go for the simple one. This will not only fulfill your power requirement but will save you from potential risky noise.

Loud Noise Affects

Loud noise can disturb you physically. Many doctors says that your hearing power can be loss because of constant loud music. It can affect your psyche also; loud music can create depression, uneasiness, and sometimes can be the reason of anxiety attacks. Many people don’t believe but yes it completely harms the membrane cell & cochlea.

So make sure to avoid yourself from loud noise as much as you can, it will not only be good for your mental peace but will be good for physical peace also. Make your and your neighbors life easier ad risky free by installing Sound Attenuated Generator at your earlier convenience.

Working of Sound Attenuated Generator Enclosure

Many people think that main function of Sound Attenuated Generator is housing the generator and gives security to components but they are totally at mistaken, because its main function is something else, though above one’s are also their functions but its main one is to keep reducing or low the generator noise.

We as Generator provider always design enclosures that become the reason of more flexibility and capability which plays an important role in fully reducing noise.

If you compare us to other generator providers in the market then you will get to know that our generator sound is very low because design enclosures that plays an important role in sound attenuation from 12 – 14 gauge.  This is known as acoustic barrier; it is really good and makes our generator better than other generators in the market.

This enclosure main function is to create noise control barrier. You will not believe but it reduces sound up to 40 db which is really amazing. If manufacture done this attenuation in diesel generator then they will sale out the best generators in the world.

Acoustic Insulation

This noise control barrier also known as Acoustic Insulation. It works as a sound absorbing insulation and placed into the inside panels. We also add isolation mount into the generator which plays an important role in absorbing vibrations and also becomes the reason of reducing noise and exhaust program.

Many manufacturers don’t consider the exhaust system important but we give our priority to it because generator mufflers play an important role in reducing noise.

This is how; we are the best Sound Attenuated Generator provider because above mentioned points makes the Generator more perfect and efficient.

Sound Attenuated Generator enclosures level

It is true, every manufacture design its own attenuation enclosures. We also do the same for variety of generator models but we always keep in mind the weatherproofing benefits.  Further we navigate to design different attenuation enclosures.

Here we are going to list few main attenuation enclosure levels.


How will you differentiate Sound Attenuation enclosures via weatherproofing?

Well! Weatherproof enclosure also helpful in reducing noise by providing sound attenuation but not 100%. While on the other hand Sound Attenuation reduces the noise as much as they are capable to do. It also creates weatherproof construction that keeps the generation safe from other elements.

Why to choose Victory Reliable for buying Sound Attenuated Generator?

Victory Generator providers is one of the best Sound Attenuated Generator provider, we have the best engineering team that put main focus on designing, manufacturing the best generators that fulfill the customer needs.

We are industry leaders in providing generators of any type either it’s for business, hospital, industry, and office. Victory have different engineers that has been serving us since decades so there is no doubt in their experience level.

Buying generator from us will give you lot of benefits, our inspection team is worlds no 1 team that not only inspect the product but gives outstanding service & security.

If after buying you will find any issue that is not fulfilling industry standards then we are  here to do repair, modifications & inspection. If you check our ratings then you will get to know that people really admire our brand. Our all customers are happy with us.

We always give priority to our customer needs. Victory provide only good generator so that we can have their valuable feedback.  When it comes to prices, we gives very affordable generator, even a commoner can also make a purchase.  Do you want to know more about us? Or do you want to place an immediate order? Then don’t hesitate to contact Victory Generator providers or call us at +86 135 9276 9969 / +86 135 8094 6676. You can also leave an email or Our team will get in touch with you soon to reply your query.  Try us once you will be happy to purchase Sound Attenuated Generator. We have the world’s best service in short delivery time.


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