NEWS What is Generator Controller & Brand Introduction?

What is Generator Controller & Brand Introduction?

Dec 03, 2020

What is Generator Controller?

In today’s Article we are going to explain about brands for Generator Controller but before putting shed onto the brands deeply we want to explain that what is exactly Generator Controller are?

Generator Controller is a kind of PLC that is designed to control diesel generators parameters. It also plays an important role in protecting the generators function. It works as a backbone for generator. If you research on diesel generator then you will get to know that Generator Controller are responsible for the startup of engine and provide safety to different parts of generators. It’s another important role is that it has capability to show warnings and automatically shut down the engine in case if protection is out of range.

Few people comes up with a question that can we program our own Generator Controller. Well! Here is an answer to all those, there are few controllers for example Deep Sea, its software is easily available on the internet and free to download.

But when it comes to other brands those can be accessible only at a cost. Hope now you have an idea that what is exactly Generator Controller are. Now we are going to explain Generator Controllers common brands that are popular as well as commonly used by generator manufacturers.


Common Brands of Generator Controller


Generator Controller



SmartGen Controller  is manufactured by SmartGen (Zhenzhou) Technology Co.,ltd., this product comes into being in 1998. This brand is specialized in designing, manufacturing and service of engine. They also provide ATS, ATS control, engine heaters battery chargers and much more. If you ask us to rate this brand then we will definitely rate them 9 out of 10. They are very popular worldwide and have decades of experience in genset industry. You will not believe but their normal annual sale for Generator Controller has been found nearly 200,000 units.

If you explore past ten years, the market share in china has been ranked first because of this brand. We recommend it highly to all of you because it has more than 50 offices right now in china & foreign. They are committed to produce high quality control module with warranted services. So what else you want more?


ComAp is the second most popular brand right now in the world for designing and manufacturing control modules. They are specialized in designing and manufacturing controllers for engine control with accessories and software’s. If you ask us to rate then we will definitely rate this brand 9 out of 10 same as we rated SmartGen. The reason of same rating is that both are competitors of each other so our second preference will be definitely ComAp.

They also provide non road mechanical controller dual fuel products. They are famous in the genset industry because utilize micro-processing technology to write software for generator. This is the reason their controllers has a capability to improve the output voltage, voltage phase and active/reactive power.

While manufacturing each module passes by strict verification, after multiple inspections the product is delivered. If you check out reviews then you will 95 percent positive reviews about this brand. So if you are really looking for high quality module then we will recommend it highly.

Deep Sea

Deep Sea is also one of the top most control modules , this brand main branch currently exist in UK but they offers worldwide services. They are also specialized in designing and manufacturing generator controllers as well as auto transfer switch controllers. They are also specialized in making vehicles and off high way controllers. You will not believe but it is a very old brand, almost 140 years of experience of development this brand have. They have designed 140 different types of products right now; their controllers are very flexible and provide amazing solutions for variety of applications.

Deep Sea products are almost everywhere, they offer services to almost 150 countries. They provide single as well as multi sets of generator especially for light tower control solutions. You can also buy products related to digital automatic voltage regulators and remote communications equipment from them.


For buying controllers, you can also trust on Fortrust. This brand comes into existence by Shanghai Fortrust Power Electric Co.Ltd. They are very popular worldwide because they offers high quality sensor, electronic governor, engine monitor, generator set control panel.

They are also specialize in providing automotive controllers for genset. If you are looking for perfect solution for generators control then Fortrust is one of the best choices. Their products wide usage has been found in Marine and diesel generators. Fortrust usage has been seen in military radar as well as construction machinery.

Their products are not only famous for electronic control field for diesel genset but they are also the main suppliers for engine manufacturers Weichai, Baudouin, Yuchai, SDEC, etc.

If you ask us to rate then we will rate them 8 out of 10. After Deep Sea, this brand is our next choice.

Though all the brands have its own advantages and all of them are famous but as far as our personal experience is concerned we will give it this rating.


Our last choice is DEIF; this brand comes in to existence in 1933 in Denmark. They are specialize in providing green, safe and reliable control modules. This is one of the most influential brand right now and its training center and group sales office is in 9 regions in Europe. Their main business is to provide engine and generator control modules. They also manufacture marine instruments, switchboard as well as renewable energy controllers. We will rate then 8 of 10. They are best because besides manufacturing controllers they also give training as well as technical support.


Bottom Line


All of the above mentioned controllers are simply amazing and well-known brand worldwide. It’s up to the customer that which type of controller he prefers with generator set.

Few of them provide same protections; if you choose above mentioned brands then you will never regret spending money on them. They are providing wide range of controllers; if you choose the most expensive one then you will be able to have advantage of advance protections and specifications. Those advance controllers has capability to suit any advance application. So spending a few more dollars can give you an access to worlds most advance control but make sure one thing that it should be one of above mentioned brands.

Victory Power Reliable

As a manufacturer of amazing Generators, Victory Power Reliable has been working with Deep Sea, Smart Gen as well as ComAp since decades in order to provide quality assurance controllers to all of you.

You can rely on Victory Power Reliable if you are looking for these brands. Our company has been offering services since decades. We have been awarded with many certifications internationally. Our prices are also reasonable with best customer services. We give you surety about product efficiency, durability as well as reliability. We have variety of products, from diesel generator to natural gas, petrol, soundproof and weatherproof we have different generators. You can check our portfolio currently we are the top rated this is why our all old customers has become our permanent customer now. We always give value to our customers’ needs and do our best in order to meet their standards.

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