NEWS Why in Generator Auto Transfer switch is Necessary for Business?

Why in Generator Auto Transfer switch is Necessary for Business?

Dec 04, 2020

Importance of Generator Auto Transfer switch for Business

In today’s Article we are going to explain about importance of generator auto transfer switch for business purpose but before shedding into it we want to let you know that exactly what is auto transfer switch?

What is auto transfer switch?


generator auto transfer


Automatic Transfer Switch work as a backbone for backup generators, as we all knows that every business man keeps the backup generator in their work area in order to ensure power in emergency. Incase if your backup generator has not been equip via auto transfer switch then again you have to face costly delays in regaining power. Without this switch your time, effort will waste. This switch plays an important role in turning on the generator for supplying electricity to the whole work area in case of power outage. This automatic switch plays an important role in making the work environment good.

Here we are going to mention few points that will let you know that why it is important to utilize an auto transfer switch.


The very first advantage of using generator auto transfer is safety for business owner. Yes few people don’t take it serious but they are mistaken manually turning on the generator can be risky for your body. There are many chances of risk especially when its dark or weather is not good. In dark you can touch another point of the generator or in bad weather there can be chances of short circuit or current.


As we all know that without power our days are not productive at all. Even we could not give our 100% to the work. Power works as a backbone for our daily routine activities. Without power there might be chances of costly delays to your infrastructure especially if the electricity goes off suddenly.

Your employees work can disturb or can take more weeks in case of no power. Work area environment will be disturbed also. But auto transfer switch is like a blessing to your work area, if the generator have such switch you will be safe from lot of troubles. It brings an amazing reliability in your work routine by providing interrupted power. Generator auto transfer is not only good for business environment but it plays an important role in restaurants, governments, schools and much more.

Here we are going to give you an example that will help you in understanding that how it so reliable. Let’s suppose you own a restaurant and it contains refrigerators and freezer with lot of food for customers. Just think if power goes off at mid night and comes in the morning at 10: am then what will be going to happen with all that food. Of course the food will spoil within 2 hours, this is why we says that it is so reliable, you did not have to get up from your bed in order to turn on the generator. If auto transfer switch has been installed then it will automatically turn on the generators and your sleep will not disturb at all.


Generator auto transfer brings easiness in business life, you did not have to move or even touch a finger and power will come. Even none of your staff will have to get up for getting it on. But one thing that we will recommend you strongly to maintain the generator on weekly intervals it will not only increases the generator life but will also be responsible for your business safety.

Why AMF Panel is Necessary?

As we have explained the importance of generator auto transfer switch, so now we decided to explain why AMF is necessary. AMF Panel and auto transfer switch both are inter-connected with each other.

Without AMF Panel and auto transfer switch power will not comes automatically. AMF Panel plays an important role in providing un-interrupted power while power outages same as auto transfer switch do.

AMF Panel and auto transfer switch have a capability to sense that power has gone and we have to push generator to turn it on.

Here are few advantages that you can have while using AMF Panel and auto transfer switch in your generator.

So what else you want more? Are these features not enough for you to have Generator auto transfer in your business area? Make your work area more reliable and bring pleasant ambiance by managing Generator auto transfer in your home or business place.

Solution to keep running Motor when power is cut off

The only way right now to uninterrupted power is the use of AMF panel and automatic transfer switch. You just need to do maintenance on weekly basis for increasing generator life.

As we all knows that it is very important for work area not to lose power. Well! It would be better to install a Generator auto transfer in your area, installing this will create reliable life and you don’t have to face any hassles.

Bottom Line

The short conclusion of this Article is that we explained about auto transfer switch today which plays an important role in transferring power from utility to generator in case of no power. Here is another option for you if you cannot manage to install auto transfer switch, you can go for manual switch.

Manual switch requires someone on-site to turn generator on while power outages. Manual switches are also good but they take more time, effort as well as risk.

If you want to run a successful business then you have to manage power all the time. There can be many possible reasons of power outages but the key to staying ahead of the game is to manage a generator auto transfer switch in your work area. You will never regret investing into it.

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