NEWS Why Marine Auxiliary Generator is Necessary for Boat?

Why Marine Auxiliary Generator is Necessary for Boat?

Jan 07, 2021

Why Marine Auxiliary Generator is Essential for Marine?

Before explaining about why Marine Auxiliary Generator is necessary for boat? We want to put some shed to the main definition of Marine Auxiliary Generator so that you can have a basic idea of Marine Auxiliary Generator. So let’s dive into it.

What is Marine Auxiliary Generator?

Marine Auxiliary Generator

Marine Auxiliary Generator is utilized by boats in order to provide power to run boat appliances. During the manufacturing of a new boat you have to first determine the number & capacity of Marine Auxiliary Generator. It plays an important role for powering main power supply or diesel-electric propulsion.

Hope now you have got the main idea of Marine Auxiliary Generator now let’s moves with us to the main topic.

Reason of Marine Auxiliary Generator for Ships

If you research deeply then you will get to know that lot of ships are powered by diesel engine. This main power actually work as a backbone, it is enough powerful and have capabilities to give propulsion and electricity to whole vessel. Such type of devices is very loud and creates so much disturbance and unpleasant ambiance. Though these machines are powering the whole vessel so they consume huge amount of fuel. As we all knows that ship is in motion in the sea so all the things are run by main engine.

But whenever the boat comes in rest position then the main engine also shut down itself. This feature is actually to save the consumption of fuel. Though it is good to save the fuel but it has huge downside also, now you have to run all the boat appliances like heaters etc by using batteries. Batteries have not enough capabilities to power the appliances for long. When the battery charge is gone then you have to start the main engine again in order to get the batteries charged. So powering boat with batteries is not a good thing, but in emergency these are good enough to save your time. If you don’t want to make use of batteries then you would better to manage a small power generator or Marine Auxiliary Generator for fulfilling the boat needs.

How Power Generators are different from Engines?

In actual power generators are smaller engines as compared to main engines. But they are known as generators because of providing power. As we all know very well that the main purpose of ship is propulsion and supplementary function is electricity creation. As their name suggest, power generators plays an important role in producing electricity.

Moreover when you compare the size of power generator with the main engine then you can clearly differentiate that power generator is much smaller than it. Best part about Marine Auxiliary Generator is that they are especially design in such a way that they consumes very low amount of fuel and comes up with maximum power. Another plus point is that they are very less noisy, in short perfect for creating pleasant ambiance in the surrounding.

These are the advantages that make Marine Auxiliary Generator perfect choice for ship. Hope now things have been cleared for you that why Marine Auxiliary Generator is important for the ship. Now let’s dive with us to know about how strong generator can be?

How Powerful Marine Auxiliary Generator can be?

If you search on internet then you will get to know that generator industry is really wide. You will get to see variety of generators depending on the requirement of ships. We recommend you highly to buy a smaller generator almost up to 3 Kw for the smaller ships.

But if you are on a larger ship then 3 Kw power generators is not enough to fulfill your boat requirements. You have to manage to install large power generators to fulfill ship requirements.

If you think your ship is as large as a navy ship then we recommend you to buy a generator that can produce more than 25kw.

But if you are not satisfied or want to buy the exact power generator then it is very simple, you just have to do simple calculations for this. Simply add all the powers onboard and manage to get the expected wattage. You just have to find the power generator that has capability to provide the expected wattage and then start powering all the boat appliances.

When are they Essential?

Well, the main function of power generator is to provide the electricity when the main engine is stop or you are stuck somewhere in the sea with some malfunctions in the main engine.

Power generators are just perfect to convert energy into electricity as compared to other bulky main engines. Best part about them is that you just have to connect the generator directly to the boat; there is no need to manage a separate fuel tank for them.

If you are one of those who is looking for peaceful and quiet powering system then we recommend it highly to all.

These power systems are also use by fishermen especially when main engines would be detrimental to their fishing.

Navy ship diesel generator

Marine Auxiliary Generator is also use by Navy US. Its wide usage has also be seen by allied nation navies. Major part of Navy ships is technological marvels with a multiple electronic devices. All the appliances need power so diesel generator is a perfect choice in order fulfills the whole vessel needs.

Best Alternative

As with propulsion, it’s completely upto you which way you use to power appliances in case of engine stop. One of the most common choices used by majority is diesel generator, because it comes up with great fuel electricity ratio. So what else you want more? But there might be possibility if you have owned a gasoline powered boat then it is necessary to buy a gasoline powered generator.  The newest addition in the collection of power generators are hydrogen generators while being safe and green.


The short conclusion of this Article is that we have shared an amazing info about why Marine Auxiliary Generator is Necessary for Boat? Hope this Article will be a best guide to all things in your mind that you may have not known. This Article is a complete guide especially for those who want to know in detailed about Marine Auxiliary Generators. If you are also one of those who want to buy marine generators then you are at the right place.

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