NEWS Why Yuchai Generator should be Your First Choice?

Why Yuchai Generator should be Your First Choice?

Nov 12, 2020

Most Powerful Engine - Yuchai generator

Before putting shed on the Yuchai generator first we want to let you know about most famous and popular brand of china.

Yuchai Overview

Yuchai is one of the most popular brands that have been established in 1951. It has been usage worldwide. It is well known by famous countries because it creates very low noise, its size is really compact. Best part of it is that it is very reliable and easily set itself in any generator. Its higher reliability and low consumption quality making it more popular. Let’s have a look below to know Yuchai achievements it will help you in taking decision that why it should be your first choice.

Why Yuchai Engine is very popular?

You will not believe buy yes, Yuchai is the first Chinese company that got a chance to be listed on the New York Main board in 1994. Later on in 2005, National Quality Management Award was given to Yuchai. It has been awarded with other amazing certification like ISO/TS16949: 2009, ISO9001: 2008, GJB9001B-2009.

Among diesel engine enterprise it is the only national engineering and national accredited lab.

It’s another great achievement is unbelievable, it is the first company that will be able to launch four valve diesel engine. Because of this feature now user are able to enjoy the low consumption and clean power functionality.

It is the first company that launches renewable air hybrid engine. Yuchai has established low carbon and energy saving 2 stage super charged engine.

When you will research on it then you will get to know that Yuchai has been awarded on first ranking in engine industry because of advance innovation technological capacity.

So what else you want more? Are these achievements not enough for you? Well! If you compare Yuchai with other brands then you will see a clear difference that no one can beat it. But still if you are not satisfied then continue to read below and read about Yuchai generator engine benefits. These features will help you and will increase your knowledge about engine.

Yuchai Generator features

Yuchai generator

Here we are going to introduce 3 types of series of diesel engine which will be ideal to power different types of Gensets. Every series is designed to provide different types of advantages. Continue to read below to know more about them.

YC6L Yuchai Diesel Engine

This Series is designed to provide power of round about 140 -160KW Generator Sets.

This engine one of the main feature is that it is equipped with mature four valve technique.

It specialty is that it has E control Injection System. In order to increase atomization and intense combustion it has been install with Honeywell Turbo charge as well as low inertia small aperture injector. Because of forced piston cooling technique, it is able to produce more output by utilizing 8 – 12% lower fuel consumption. If you compare this feature with other brands then you will see a clear difference that it is working much better than others.

In order to reduce noise and vibration it has been install with wet liner as well as patented 4 valves per cylinder technique. This technique makes it soundproof and will increases the engine durability.

If you compare its overhaul period with other brands then you will get to know that it is 12000 hours. It has been made by following Euro ¾ standards. EU and Russia has also awarded it by different certifications. Its spare parts are two much reliable even they have been used widely in more than 2000 buses for Beijing game Olympic services.

It is design in such a way that it is eligible to set for 140 – 160KW generators especially for hotels, restaurants, and Telecom Company.

YC6G Yuchai Diesel Engine

This Series is design to provide power of round about 120–150KW Generator Sets.

This engine is establish by American Ford Company. It has been equip with cylinder block & cylinder head. This engine has been install with crankshaft which are smaller in size. They are responsible in increasing engine reliability and make it very light. If you compare its overhaul period with other brands then you will get to know that it is 12000 hours. This overhaul period is much better than others.

In order to ensure intense combustion and lower fuel combustion, Model P fuel pump & injection nozzle is equip.

You will not believe but this series comes up with very low oil consumption almost 20% lower as compared to other brands. It’s just because of installing special sealing technology. This technique is done with piston ring and oil sealing.

YC6A Yuchai Diesel Engine

This Series is design to provide power of round about 100–150KW Generator Sets.

It has been manufacture by digestion and absorption by Germany Company FEV. Its Forged steel crankshaft manufacture by single piece. Its efficiency is much better than other same products because of utilizing high quality alloy cast iron.

For ensuring the engine with less noise and less vibration, a cylinder block smaller is install. It also plays an important role in making the engine weight lighter and smaller size.

Its overhaul period is same as above series, round about 12000 hours. Mature Bosch electrically-controlled high-pressure common rail has been awarded by T3 emission Certification. This is why it comes up with very low emission rate.

Its effective pressure is very lower as compared to other brands. This engine series has capacity of carrying good amount of load. It is getting very popular day by day because of compact, harmonized and elegant design.

Well! All of the above Yuchai Generator series comes up with its own disadvantages. You can go after the one according to your Power needs. All of those are amazing to utilize especially because of reliability, efficiency and durability.  So buy it without hesitation, you will never regret trying a Yuchai Generator.

Where to buy the best Yuchai Generator?

Victory Power Reliable is one of the leading company since 1991 offering production, design, sales, installation, maintenance and service of generator sets. We have variety of brands, from Perkins, Cummins, Yuchai to Deutz you will find every branded generator from us.

Currently we have two branches, one is in Guangdong, and other one is in in Guangdong.

We are very popular worldwide because we can make generator from 1kVA-2500kVA with amazing features. So what else you want more?

Our engineers has years of experience and strictly follow the standards sets by engine industry.

We give you surety that our generators will be reliable, efficient and durable. If we did not meet your standards then we are always here to do modifications.

Our products have been awarded by many Certifications, including USA EPA, Europe CE, Argentina IRAM, Egyp etc.

We deliver the final product after multiple inspection, we have specialized inspection team who test the product and deliver it after multiple trials.

Advantages of buying Yuchai Generator from Victory Power Reliable

You can rely on us, because customer satisfaction is our main priority. We fully try to maintain the generator economic and environmental friendly feature. Money is not important for us, we only need customers satisfaction this is the reason we always takes customer product needs as our own.

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