NEWS Wind Power Generator Manufacturer: Doosan Daewoo Diesel Generator

Wind Power Generator Manufacturer: Doosan Daewoo Diesel Generator

Dec 16, 2021


Wind Power Generator Manufacturer

In previous posts we have seen the buying guides and suggestions for marine or terrestrial power generators. We have gone so far as to suggest some cases in which it is worthwhile to opt for the wind power generator manufacturer for small or large events. Today we see how to safely buy common power generators.


The reasons that can lead to the purchase of a common current generator can be many. First of the entire price but we will not consider this factor only. Maybe you want to try the “friend's” generator first and then evaluate the purchase of the definitive generator.

But let's see what the most common mistakes to avoid are and some useful tips if you really want to opt for wind power generator manufacturer.

The price is important ... but also the reliability

A friend / acquaintance of ours or a nice online advertisement attracted our attention with a “unique” offer. Well, the price is certainly a determining factor but let's think about the main use of a power generator.

It is the only way to give energy to certain instruments in isolated areas or, even more important, it is our backup in case of blackout or voltage drops. So it is important not to make the classic mistake in the name of savings.

Is the power of the generator suitable for the machine I am about to purchase?

One of the first tips we gave in this post was to check the power needed before choosing a generator. Who is the cause of his illness… but even without completing this old saying it is essential not to be satisfied with the first choice available, hoping everything goes well.

The market offers many types of generators:

Normal, silenced, inverter, with condenser, with petrol, diesel, LPG, single-phase or three-phase engine! To purchase the wind power generator manufacturer model that provides energy suited to your needs, you need to know:



Generally, it is not just the power that makes the difference between one generator of electricity and another. It is also necessary to consider its equipment, maintenance intervals and related costs, the brand of the engine and its type.

It is also necessary to consider the type of supply:

If you buy a single-phase electric current generator from wind power generator manufacturer, it will supply a maximum of 230V.

If you choose a three-phase generator you can get up to 380V, perfect for powering more powerful equipment (over 6kW).


Among the characteristics to take into account when starting to choose the current generator, one of the most important is represented by the power. It is essential that this is suitable for the equipment that the generator will power.

It’s under sizing could cause serious damage to users, especially if you intend to use machines with a high starting coefficient.

Ensure Power of Wind Power Generator

The power of a generator is usually calculated and indicated in KVA (Kilovolt Ampere). Multiplying it by the power factor, which is usually 0.8, gives the power in Kw (Kilowatts). For example, if we need to power 40 50 W light bulbs at the same time, for a total of 2 kW, a 2.5 KVA current generator (2.5 x 0.8 = 2) will suffice.


Furthermore, to buy a power generator in an informed way, its noise level must also be considered. There are non-silenced models, suitable for short uses, and silenced and super-silenced generators, perfect for domestic use and for situations that require prolonged use.

Wind Power Generator Manufacturer 2021

In reality, modern generators have motors that are not very noisy in themselves, even if they do not have a soundproof box.

It is also necessary to take into consideration the type of starter.  It can be with electric start or recoil starter. You can take wind power generator manufacturer assistance.

Where we can install wind power generators?

Finally, if you intend to use the generator inside the house, or for example inside a camper, by connecting a computer, a stereo or any equipment equipped with an electronic card, it is necessary to opt for a model with stabilized current , equipped with to inverter.

You are looking to buy a generator of moderate capacity, suitable for home, office, shop, cafe... Please refer to the article below for useful information when choosing a home generator.

Note when choosing to buy a home generator

To choose the right generator for home use, we need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Determine the power source 1 phase or 3 phase
  1. Determine the type of gasoline or diesel engine
  1. Determine generator capacity

Final Consideration About Power Generators

– If only common in the family for the purpose of lighting, fan, television and normal cooking, just buy a small and medium capacity of 2-3 kW.

But another aspect to consider when choosing a power generator for motorhomes is the noise produced. We don't always stop in desolate areas and, even if it were, we often need energy during the night hours. Better to opt for the silenced generators we talked about in this post.


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