Products 20A~3200A Aisikai Automatic Transfer System

20A~3200A Aisikai Automatic Transfer System

Aisikai Automatic Transfer System

Aisikai Automatic Transfer System by JIANGSU AISIKAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD is located in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province. Since 2007 the company since its establishment, manufacturing and research and development has always been committed to high-quality. Low voltage electric switch, product line covers one or two, three level distribution lead. Enterprises have passed UKAS ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS qualified supplier certification. However won the national high tech enterprise certificate, industry ten big brand certificate. The contract and trustworthy enterprise certificate.

Moreover all products have been Chinese national compulsory CCC certification, the European CE certification, and has a number of patented technology. In addition to this all products with independent intellectual property rights.

What's more?

ATS is designed for use in power systems for the safe transfer of a load supply between a main power and a standby power. The changeover is done in open transition and with minimum supply interruption during transfer ensuring full compliance with IEC 60947-6-1, GB 14048-11. As a PC Class switch. The ATS is capable of "making and withstanding short circuit currents" assigned to IEC 60947-3 utilization categories of up to AC33A.

Why to choose us?

We maintain the quality standards. Therefore we have best selling market contribution based on the consumer's rate and returning buyers. Moreover We always maintain the high quality of transmission and the standard of reliability, safety, durability. As well as economy and environment-friendliness. Moreover it has formed a completed pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system.



PC Grade \ CCC certification \ CE certification \ SGS certification: Stable and reliable quality

AC-33A design: Frequent changed in using


4 patents technology:

One-piece copper platoon output structure

Permanent magnet motor drive technology

Zero overlap switching technology


Multiple safety protection function:

Mechanical and electric duplex interlocking design

Safety zero design

Safety protection board accessory


High on/off position capability:

10 for rated current breaking capacity

10 for rated current connection capability

12kv rated impulse withstand voltage

120 ka rated conditional short-circuit current




1. Power Control and Safety between a main power and a standby power.

2. A complete product delivered as a fully assembled and tested solution.

3. Intuitive HMI for emergency / local operation.

4. Integrated and robust switch disconnection.

5. Window with clearly visible position indication I – 0 – II.

6. An inherent failsafe mechanical interlock.

7. Stable positions (I – 0 – II) non affected by typical vibration and shock.

8. Extremely rugged, error free and built in padlocking facility.


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