Power Plant

Victory provides the power plant with a comprehensive power solution, to ensure that the standby power supply continues to provide power when the power plant stops to provide power due to failure. The 0.1 million kilowatts power plant needs 30-600KW unit, 0.3 to 0.6 million kilowatts power plant needs 800KW unit and the 1 million kilowatts power plant needs 1200KW unit.


Product Requirements


1. Working Environment

Not more than 3000 meters above sea level;

Operate normally from -15 ℃ to 40 ℃;

Beyond this temperature range, the special unit can be used.


2. Safety Measures

The unit is equipped with grounding protection and emergency shutdown button;

The full automatic transfer switch cabinet can be selected according to needs.


3. Performance Guarantee

The unit uses high-end brand engines and generators, with powerful performance;

The external fuel system can be developed and the large-capacity fuel tank meets the operation for 12-24 hours;

Unit MTBF is not less than 2000 hours;

Optimal design and strong environmental adaptability.



ATS and AMF functions can ensure that the alternative power supply system can immediately provide power in case of outage of main power supply in the power plant. The strong power, stable performance, safety and reliability ate main needs of power plant.


Advantages of Generator

Targeted complete products, data and programs meeting the use requirements;

Control system with AMF function can achieve automatic startup and shutdown;

ATS can be selected to achieve intelligent switching of unit / mains;

Stable performance and unit MTBF not less than 2000 hours;

The specific devices can be selected to achieve operating needs of high cold and high temperature regions;

The design and development can be made according to the special customer demands.


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